Max capabilities of piggy-back systems


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Are there any piggy-back systems available for the 1UZ with real tuning abilities?

This is what I am looking for:
-ignition timing
-fuel management
-VVTI control
-rev limit


Piggy back would have the same capabilities as stand alone..

All the std ECU is left to do is trans duties, cold start, fuel pump control, maybe cruise control, idle control and some EPA duties like purge canister etc...

But basically the piggy is doing it's job JUST running the engine..
It saves tuning car separately for cold starts where the factory does a top job !!


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If you want a piggy back, I think the AEM FI/C would be your best bet. I'm just not sure of it controlling vvti(a quick read on their site should tell you if it controls such things).


As with most these ECU tuning..
TALK to your local tuner and go by what he's familiar with..
OR pick an ECU company [Google search] check their dealers in your area and talk to him ..
Check what work / tuning he has done..
Don't be afraid to use Australian or New Zealand ECU's as down this end we have developed some VERY good engine management systems..From using ex Jap engines etc.. With dealers agents around the globe..
Motec, Haltech, EMS, Microtech, Link, Autronic etc...