Lextreme Forged H Beam Rods


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We are making a huge order and we are also trying to help our members out. We are offering a complete set of Lextreme Forged H Beam Rods for $400. They are normally $600 for none members. So please take advantage of this offer. Offer expire on 10-01-2008 and please allow 15 weeks for delivery from the deadline. Please read more in there http://www.lextreme.com/Forged-Rods.html



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hmmm could be keen, any ruff idea on hp numbers for the factory early 1uz rods? looks as tho from pics above, the 89-94 rods look pretty tuff but will they handle 5 hundy rwhp??



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ask GT8 about his setup... still using stock 1990 rods (I believe) and at least 450rwhp. whats the latest guesstimate Justin?


Yeah ,going beyond 500 rwhp,is taking some risk....if planing on 600+rwhp,these rods looks the go..Im thinking hard..will be back..