Instrument cluster


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Hi guys,

Just dropping a quick line to pick your brains, I like the look of the 01 RAV instrument cluster, will 4 cylinder instrument clusters work with the 1uzfe?



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No reason why you couldn't adapt it.

The 1UZ tacho pulse is for a 4 cylinder and the other gauges would be simple units that most likely use the same or similar sensors as the 1UZ.

for the Speedo I have no idea but frequency alteration boxes are available to allow you to make it read correctly.


Just be careful to choose instrument cluster without CAN and MPX digital lines and then it's relatively easy to use


Digital networking interface standards common in Toyota/Lexus instrument clusters

Different cars different year
1997 Lexus LS400 for MPX, 2004 Lexus LS430 for CAN
Different chassis codes might be different, for example cheaper cars had all analog clusters even past 1997


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Good day everyone
I done a Lexus 3uz in a Lexus Lx470 but can't seem to get tacho working on the Lx470 anyone that can help out with some info