Ign Systems For Boats With No Ecu.


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Anyone out there done ignition conv not using a ECU? Im toying with the idea of a Bosch elect dizzy one one cam of the Lexus,but ign leads with different diameters and ends are required,any ideas gents?


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I have seen a GM HEI v8 distributor attached to the front of a motor off of one of the intake cam timing belt gear. The other thing that I remember seeing and I want to say that it was a honda distributor that was used, but two of them were installed in the back side of the heads.

The other option is to use the Haltec or electromotive Ign only programmable system.


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tawco in melb offer an aftermarket computer system for marine use
as well as water cooled manifolds etc
i hope that yhis may be of some help