Hurricane Headers install QUESTION -92-SC400

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Has anyone ever installed the "Hurricane Long tube" style headers? I don't have access to a shop as much as I would like. DIY for the win....I've been told to run them from the bottom up and drop the steering shaft for drivers side clearance. Looks like everything will bolt up on all ends.

  1. Will I NEED to put the car on a lift or will I have enough clearance with the car on jack stands?
  2. Also is it OK to re-use the gaskets I received with these? Guy said there are less than 1000 miles thru the headers/gaskets.



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I've used two sets on different engines and neither was in an SC400/Soarer.

I would re-use the manifold flange gasket but use a new lower flange (between header and exhaust) as they don't seem to last too well.

I would think you will need the car as high as you can get it as you may have to slide the headers in front cylinders first with the tail dragging on the ground.

I would expect to release the engine mount on the side you are working on so you can raise that side of the engine to give more clearance. This will be an all day task.