help wiring up haltech sprint 500 1uz


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hi has anyone ever wired one of these into a 1uz before i have a engine with no standard ecu just have all the plugs on the engine the sprint 500 has only 4 injector out puts so i have done it as wasted spark or batch fire and with the ignition out puts from the ecu i am guessing you one use 2 of them and leave the other 2 ? and the haltech only has 2 in puts trigger i have use for crank position and home input as i am unsure what to do as there is 2 cam pos sensors so just woundering if anyone has done this before and is there such thing as a diagram for all the sensors so i know which way to wire everything in as in positive , ground ,signal etc

sorry if this sounds dumb i am new with these engines and have never worked with them before so i hope someone understands what i am trying to say


Kani W

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just plug the passenger side cam sensor to can wire it either can change the trigger or home edge in the main setup. trigger setting should be 24+1.i hope you have already figure this out .


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make sure u only wire one relay to the fuel pump trigger on the sprint
they are very cheap ecus and cant handle much current on the trigger wires