Forced induction 1uzfe

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Hi all
I’ve just had a tuner installed a Eaton m90 on my Gen 1 1UZFE,on the blow by side were the exist throttle body side was, I’ve installed an oil catch can with a breather filter.
My Question is can someone enlighten me on modifying the pcv valve side to ease some pressure out of the crankcase from boost etc...


Blown 1UZ300ZX
You shouldn't have boost pressure in the crankcase. You must have plumbed the pcv connection under the blower so move the PVC connection to the atmosphere side (air cleaner) of the blower


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Oops my bad, I meant pressure out of the crankcase. I’ve pulled out the pcv valve and drilled it out removed the spring and the valve and teed up a hose to another catch can. You think this will work?