FI or High CR for CNG alone.


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To take full advantage of CNG's 130 octane, I want to address either installing custom domed pistons for 15:1 or add a supercharger at my upcomming rebuild. Possibly both if I can't get that high of CR with pistons. Which would be better for a hot street engine. What other issues will need addressed: head gasket sealing, cooling sys, ignition sys, etc? Also would either of these setups require a different cam profile than a similar petrol motor?

BTW, I live in south Texas in the US. LPG is $3.50 a gge compared to CNG $1.15.


What power level are you wanting ???
Lower [than ultimate] compression and more timing has it's advantages too..


Is having a 1UZ-FE run on CNG viable, I mean can it be done reliably, will the engine respond well?