ECU Need to start engine

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yes I just love it when people ask questions like this
maybe someone can type out a 1000 word essay on how to do it

then u get most who cant be fukt even studying some diagrams
so they can get the general idea of how things work before they jump
in the deep end
but they would rather be spoon fed and not learn a thing

asking silly questions like this is like me asking how long is this string
in this bug roll I'm holding
I don't mind helping some people but fk helping the ones who won't
get off their asses and learn how things work
and this is y no one replies to some questions like this
unless it's a silly remark from me hehe
u just can't answer it in afew lines if the person asking knows fk all about what they plan to do
Just for info I've just checked my past emails and so far at least 26 guys have wired up their 1UZFE's following a bit of advice from myself and a few emailed diagrams. "hehehehehe"

So, as you can see, to state that no one replies or gives any help to request such as those contained in this thread is far from the truth.

After all isn't that what the Lextreme "community" is all about giving help, advice and support to each other in getting the best out of our shared interest.




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i know alot of guys have wired their 1uzs
but y dont they write exactly how long it took to get every single thing working correctly
and also post some pics
giving advice is good but most forums not just car forums make everything seam easy
and when i get customers ask me about me doing a conversion for them
my price is always 3 to 4 grand dearer than most
why is that
because on forums alot of the time u never get 100% of the info needed to do a conversion and once u start it u start to realise all the extras
my original post was making fun at the guys afew years ago who used to say its a 7 wire install
now u dont u ask all the people u helped how many wires they wired up


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u will over take me in afew years since I can't be fukt
doing them anymore hahahaha
most customers to fking hard to deal with

Jo Fletcher

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Hi guys, really liking it on here, everyone seems willing to help and not up their own asses im also needing to get a 1uz running with the 34 22 16 28 pin plugs can someone point me in the right direction please. Cheers.