Custom Exhaust suggestions for SCd 1UZ


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Hello, i’m looking to change up my stockish exhaust to a custom one. I have S&S headers and Megan Racing test pipes with a Borla rear section exhaust. All other piping, including the Y pipe is the stock 1.97”.

A shop was suggesting a 2.25” full stainless from the cats (test pipes) back, keep my Borla mufflers and delete my stock resonators. Or, add new resonators and delete the mufflers.

My questions are is that size increase a large enough jump for my SCd 1UZ? It’s pushing around 400-450whp, haven’t gotten it dyno tuned yet. And, which route is better, resonator delete or muffler delete. I would like it to sound more like an AMG and less like a Chevy if possible. I have a GS400

Let me know and please post up your setups and experiences. Thanks!


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I don't think 2.25" is too big.

I ran dual 3" and that was too big especially when I got rid of the supercharger.

Stainless pipes don't offer any performance advantage, and can weigh more, but won't rust out.

I'd try it with the resonators only but I would expect it to be too loud and without the resonators it may drone on the Freeway.

The only way you will make it sound like an AMG is by changing the firing order as AMG us a Ford order.


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Thank you for the info.

Would going up to 2.5” add any performance benefit at this power level or would it start to reduce low end torque and just make more noise? If that’s the case I would go with 2.25”. Which is still a bump up in size over stock.