Coolant Leak - Back of Engine PLZ HELP!

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Hi guys,

I have noticed a small leak in the back of my 1uz. I have small puddles whenever I leave the car and once the engine is on it gets worse. The heater also gurgles/swooshes when I turn it on (ie there's air in the system).

The coolant is dripping down onto my clutch slave cylinder. Not sure exactly where it originates, however it looks to be through one of the plugs on the back of the engine (is that on the water bridge???))??? I think it originates from that area then washes down along the transmission onto the clutch slave.

What do you reckon? and how do I fix this?

See link for pictures:



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There are 2 frost plugs on the back of each cylinder heads which could be leaking , Ive done a few now. Also the rear water bridge. I see lots of these which the gaskets have corroded now so every motor I fit I change the gaskets along with when I do the starter or have the intakes off for any reason. Ive also seen the heater hoses or TB coolant hoses leak and the pipes come loose in the bridge. I'd suggest pressurising the system and getting back there with a mirror to find it then get the spanners out.


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TB coolant hose leak on my 1uz vvti resulted in dripping from somewhere on the back of the engine
The leak itself was hard to notice until I removed the TB for some other reason
So it could be really anything, I would start from the most apparent places as Gloverman suggests