Complete Engine Rebuild Kit


Just call me "Lex"
Worked out a deal with my vendor (Toyota Dealer) and we can have the complete engine rebuild for the 1uzfe (1990-1997) for $290 plus $30 shipping to buyers within USA and $50 for out of the country buyers.

Normally I think they are about $380 a set.

We need about 5 buyers.

Good luck.


Just call me "Lex"
From head gaskets to throttle body gaskets. From front to rear main seals. Cat gaskets included too along with injector seals. Alot of seals, o-rings and gaskets. It is a complete rebuild gasket kit.


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From memeory the only gasket not in it is the waterpump gasket but a lot of people don't use them as they use sealant instead.