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There are 2 new categories of Approved Sponsor and Approved Vendor. These new categories will appear in place of someone's "White belt" or existing "Vendor" tag under their username.


An Approved Sponsor is a commercial retailer offering discounts to members on parts and/or labour.

To become an Approved Sponsor you will organise with Lextreme (David Phan) to sponsor the site for a fixed amount per month.

Any Approved Sponsor selling labour will have to provide examples of their work to the satisfaction of Site Administration. Many of us are in the fabrication / modification game ourselves, so we know good work when we see it.


An Approved Vendor is someone who sells items and/or labour on an "as-it-comes" basis - ie, someone makes a tiptronic controller for their own automatic gearbox, the item comes up in conversation and suddenly the creator has 9 PMs of people wanting them to make such a product for them as well. Site Administration will treat this in the same way as a Group Purchase - so the rules herewith apply to both concepts.

To become an Approved Vendor, you must ask permission from the Moderators overseeing the classifieds at the time, who will bring the issue up for discussion with the other moderators. You will generally get a response within 24 hours.


Any Vendor and/or Sponsor selling ANY modification product WILL provide detailed proof that the product works in it's intended application, with pictures to suit, or the item will be removed from sale and a warning will ensue.

For example, a stroker crankshaft will be photographed inside the engine 5 or 6 times throughout it's movement cycle to prove it doesn't foul on any part of the block or cylinder walls; a billet cam will be photographed bolted in position at just before BDC to show the taller lobes don't bind the valvesprings; a "bolt on" caliper upgrade will be photographed bolted in position with pads and have swept volume calculations to prove it works with a stock master cylinder - or provide the part number of the m/c it is designed to work with ... etcetera.


The difference between a Vendor and a Sponsor is that a sponsor is a commercial retailer, and a vendor is someone working out of their shed helping out a few like-minded folk on an internet forum.

However, a Vendor will still have to contribute to the site on a small percentage basis of revenue raised through the site per item ... >

or you can publish the details of your breakthrough in a tech writeup for the site and not pay a cent.

Regardless of what record companies would have you believe, this site encourages information sharing.

For example, if you have made a set of engine mounts for a popular conversion (eg 1UZFE into HiLux), by publishing the dimensions in a CAD format or a scanned drawing you have just engaged in information sharing. You are then more than welcome to sell your own labour to make these engine mounts in bulk should you feel there is a market for it. Chances are, the people not handy with tools with still ask to have it made regardless if the information is there or not - but someone in Alaska can make them from your dimensions and save the freight cost on a set of mounts from Alice Springs, NT.

For example, you have just worked out a way to make a 2UZ-FE fly-by-wire throttle interface with an aftermarket computer in a package that fits inside a neat little anodised box from KMart. Publish the wiring diagram and you are welcome to sell the box and it's new contents on this site free of charge for your nominated markup. Anyone not handy with electronics or a soldering iron (like me!) would more than likely still purchase from the inventor.


Any links in signatures will only be accepted if they are for a personal homepage that is not designed for selling goods and/or labour and free of explicit or inappropriate material. What's inappropriate? Inappropriate is anything that could upset a child.

Only Approved Vendors or Approved Sponsors are allowed to link to a site selling goods and/or labour. And no, we won't accept a "PM me for (insert item here)" or similar.


You may think that by publishing your "secrets", you open yourself up to people stealing your ideas and profiteering from them. Please remember that Site Admin will always protect our members and their interests and this legislation is designed to stop such activity.


An application to become a Vendor or Sponsor isn't guaranteed purely because you "make us aware" you're intending to sell either; if you have a bad reputation on another forum - or to other members already - your application will be refused and we will be watching you. Site Admin may also decide we have too many Vendors and/or Sponsors, which would give grounds for a new application to be refused as well.

In short, this legislation is designed to put a stop to profiteering and information "black holes" when it comes to the UZ family of engines.

A thread has been started to address all concerns, so if you have any, please let us know.

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