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no vvti

Why not the 98 vvti engine, going to try vvti heads on non vvti block
have 8.5 pistons ect from previous buy.
Lextreme and Competitive Engineering is offering a group purchase on 1UZFE rotating assembly.

Competitive Engineering will be doing the machine work. Tim is the owner of Competitive Engineering (CE) with over 30 years of experience in engine building and machining.

We are offering the followings:

1. Modified and Balance Stock Crank
2. Modified Chevy H Beam Forged Rods (Eagle ESP) with ARP Rod bolts (rated 1,200 hp)
3. Custom forged pistons with 9.5:1 Compression with .015" over
4. Rings and Pins will be included.
5. All Rods/Pistons/pins will be test fitted.
6. Brand New Rod bearings

This is the first time anyone dear to offer this forged package. We are offering this package for: $1,850. and individual purchase will be $2,199.00. We need 6-8 sets to get the GP price.

There will be a $200 for core charge for 1uzfe crank and $150 for shipping.

NOTE: This kit is for the first generation 1uzfe. No VVTi 1UZFE.



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Krayn - do you know the part number for the 1UZ?

Lextreme just stopped selling performance parts due to David's absence. I was just a little bit late. I hope he gets well!

Ebay seems to be cheap place for ARP stuff, If you know the part number you need.
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