Broken/dead 1UZ Soarer 40:40:40 ECU wanted

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Mat Grant

southern UK
Hi all,

I’ve got a 1970s Lotus with a 1UZ, it is stock at the moment, with manual gearbox but I’ve got a long term plan to fit a Rotrex centrifugal supercharger for mild boost – 5 to 8 psi probably. I’m limited by having a W58 gearbox among other things. One of the elements to figure out is the ECU – so I’m looking at an aftermarket ECU.

The wiring loom was done really carefully and took forever as I wanted a really good and reliable result. So because of a not wanting to have to fully redo the engine loom, and wanting the ECU to be reversible back to stock if i choose, I want to make up a short adaptor cable for an aftermarket ECU, which will plug into my 1uz wiring loom. If this can’t work I may push ahead with low boost on the stock ECU, but if possible I’d like to be able to fit an aftermarket ECU.

Does anyone have a broken/non working/scrap ECU with 40:40:40 pinout (my 1UZ engine loom is from a Soarer) that they want to sell cheap? I just want to get the plugs off it, and fabricate a jumper harness to whichever ECU I go with. So as long as the plugs are good the rest doesn’t matter. I have a spare Soarer ECU but I really don’t want to take a fully working ECU to bits.

Failing that does anyone know if male plugs to fit the 40:40:40 loom plugs can be obtained anywhere? Or has anyone done anything similar on their 1UZ?

Thanks, Mat.