Bellhousing to Engine block CAD file


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I know this has been asked about a million times, so I appologise

but can someone send me the CAD files for the bellhousing to block flange. I need to make a steel scattersield and want to get the flange cut out


I have made no accurate measurements of the engine itself save a couple of items. One being the mating face of the transmission and the block. Then I have on of the engine mounting pads but I have no verified its accuracy as yet. I have been doing a lot of stuff with the intake for a few different reasons. But I am not ready to share those yet.

I'm on vacation right now and won't be back in the office for about another week. Send me an email to the address I posted earlier. I will send you what I sent him.



1uzfe block cam file

does anyone have the 1uzfe block to bell housing pattern cam file they would like to share?

or possibly a link to where it is posted..