Any Interest in Siemens Deka IV Injectors?

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JustenGT8 and I are teaming up to buy a couple sets of Siemens 60# per hour injectors (that's their generic rating; these are also rated at 630 cc/min) and wanted to see if anyone else would be interested, in order to get a slightly better deal.

I'm trying to get Bruce Holt @ to do some price matching with the prices on Ballenger Motorsports' website. If Bruce can't come through, then I plan to buy the injectors & connectors from Ballenger. Here's the page showing the injector and the pricing:

Currently we're at the $47.99 price mark for 16 injectors, and granted, we're not going to save a chunk more money for ourselves, but it could be a good opportunity for those of you who are thinking of going to some bigger shooters.

A couple of caveats:

1) These are not PnP replacements for your stock injectors.

2) Your fuel rails will need to be precision reamed to 14mm diameter,

3) The upper & lower o-ring seals will have to be modified a bit to work.

4) Your electrical connectors will need to be changed, or you'll have to use a "jumper" harness to go from the Denso connection to the EV1

5) These have not yet been tested in the 1UZ, but I see no reason why they shouldn't turn in excellent results. This has become a very popular injector with the domestic performance crowd, and it offers an advanced disc design that purportedly atomises fuel better than any other design on the market, including Bosch's. So well in fact, that in addition to being used for the performance market, it's being used in ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) applications.

6) These are much bigger shooters than most of us need, however I'm hoping with their excellent specifications, there won't be any idling issues.

It offers a 4 orifice nozzle design with a 30 degree cone spray. Electrical connection is via the tried & tested Bosch EV1 (Minitimer) connector.

They are roughly the same length as the Denso's, so no modifications necessary to the fuel rail mounts.

Forgot to add that they're supposedly rated for alky as well as gas (petrol), so they should be fine for E85, which is why Justen's interested.

Here are some pics from Ballenger's website:

And installed in my SC manifold

Side by side with a Denso (This Siemens has the EV6 US Car connector, however we're getting the EV1 Minitimer connector as shown in the Ballenger pic above)

If anyone else is interested, just add your name/user name to the list below. I'll probably close this out in a week or so, and get the injectors on order, as Justen is champing at the bit to get his motor running.

1. John (cribbj)
2. Justen (JustenGT8)


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Those are the injectors we have used in Bob's second engine. Idle on this engine needs to be quite rich because of camshafts.
I believe the injectors can go down to around .8 m/sec.

66% duty at 9000, 36psi pressure.



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OK, there you go then. They have been tested and used on a 1UZ.

Erol, why did you decide to switch to these in lieu of going with the usual Denso's, and how do you like them?


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Are those high or low impedance? Secondly, can we get different flow rate or do we all have to get the same flow rate.


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David they're high impedance, but offer response times nearly as fast as a low impedance injector.

As far as different flows, there are only three sizes commonly offered, although those of you in different markets than the US might see others:

478cc/m (FI11351 only with EV6 connector): These are quite a bit shorter than the Denso's. Haven't seen these in the long style (which I personally need to avoid modifying fuel rail mounting) This might be a good option for some if you don't mind a shorter injector. These have the multi orifice nozzle and are only available from Ballenger at the moment.

550cc/m (109958 with EV6 connector): These are shorties also, like the above. Single orifice nozzle, and only available from Fiveo at the moment.

630cc/m (107961 w/EV1 & 108991 w/EV6 connector: The injector I'm proposing

875cc/m (110324 w/EV1 & 109991 w/EV6 connector): For those chasing crazy power

Once I get an agreement in principle with either Fiveo or Ballenger I'll inquire whether we can mix & match styles and outputs.


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The Ballenger website price for 16+ of the 875cc/min injectors is $53.00 each.

Fiveo's price per injector for a set of 8 is $57.44.

I've asked Bruce to match the Ballenger price, and am waiting on his reply.


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David, I think we can consider it over, because I was not successful negotiating any better prices with Five-O for the different types of Siemens, and same with Ballenger. Five-O did say they would match Ballenger, but only for a quantity of 16 or more of each type.

I still think these Siemens, or their Bosch equivalents are some impressive injectors, and would encourage anyone in the market for new injectors to have a look at them, unless you "have" to have a PnP solution.

For myself, I'm currently having some fuel system fabrication done, and may wind up going with the shortie 650cc injectors. Hopefully the fabrication will be finished by the time I return home in mid-June, and I'll see how much room I have, and will decide then, which style I'll be going with.