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Hello to all ,

What i am about to ask i have been told by all the local mec's is not possable.

well i hate that:argue:

so now that only a couple of the guys i work with will give me any help or advice i am after more opinon's

ok i am building a 1uzfe/tt into my hq holden but i want to run strait LPG no other fuels (mabe N.O.S latter) i have been in contact with a couple of people in W.A (gas research) & they have tested a carby turbo setup and have a few ideas like run 2 gas mixers 1 on each turbo before it enters the intercooler.

Anyway was wondering if anyone had any ideas thoughts comments so forth before i went spending silly.:Eyecrazy:

and before you ask this fuel has more octane, put past the intercooler should burn colddeerrrr (always a +) and its half the cost of PULP:006:

thanks guys any input is great +'s or -

P.S YES I AM CRAZY:boggled:


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Explosive mixture in intercooler and pipes ??
Sounds like a hand grenade with the pin pulled !

I want to be faaaaaaaar away when that one goes off.


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71hq, I moved your thread to our Alternative Fuel section.

Several people here have, or are planning to run LPG, however one thing that you must take into account is its very variable vapor pressure vs temperature.

What this means in practical terms (if you're not a chemical engineer) is that if your local winters dip to below freezing, your LPG tank won't have enough pressure to keep your fuel rail pressurised for a boosted application. You "might" get away with it for a naturally aspirated car, it just depends on how cold it gets there. The situation apparently gets worse in Oz due to the variable amounts of butane that get mixed in with the propane, and butane's vapor pressure curve is even worse than propane's.

One alternative might be to use bottle warmers like the NOS boys have to, but in this case, it would have to be a "tank" warmer.

I like LPG a lot too, and am planning a supercharged 1UZ installation with it, but I don't plan on driving the car in the winter.

Check out some of the other threads in this Alternative Fuel section, and you'll find some interesting information.

Here's a table showing (pure) propane's vapor pressure vs temperature (note, I haven't confirmed the validity of this table)


Yes, the LPG in Oz is laced with butane. The problem here is not the low ambient temps (unless you live in the Alps), but the high ambient temps. I experienced this first hand with my Landcriuser which had LPG fitted recently. Due to the high ambient temp the LPG expands and increases in pressure as per the above chart. The end result is you cannot fill your tank with LPG during the hot part of the day. Some filling stations have sprinklers on the tank which are supposed to come on and cool the supply tank, but most do not. If you are running straight LPG ,then you are stranded until the ambient drops. Living in the Outback I have found the best time to fill in summer is early morning. In more temperate areas, this may not be a problem.I am now in a quandary, as I had planned on running my Supercharged 1UZ-FE on straight LPG.


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I know that nearly all Flying J truck stops sell LPG, and you can go to their main website to get locations, maps, and prices.

I searched a few years ago for a common alternate fuels website as you describe, but it seemed that each camp had their own. Perhaps it's changed by now. Try Googling "CNG Locations" or similar.


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why is this a problem (boost and lpg?) its done over uses sequential injection sytem (thats designed for boost,ie most) or if going crude, a turbo vaporiser...

re high temps, that can even happen here! (uk)