Air Temperature Sensor location 1UZ FE VVTi

HI there

I need some assistance in confirming the location of the Air Temp Sensor.
I purchased a Spitronics Management system and busy with the last bit of the wiring, the manual I have does not cover the location of the Air Temp Sensor at all, so I don't want to get things wrong. The other wiring has been documented well.
See attached images below. I've made large yellow ? - if someone could assist with what's what before I solder the wires :)

Much appreciated.
Ok, so i'm going to answer my own question ;) I found the Sensor loose in a box of connections, will get connected to the air intake plumbing once we've dropped the engine in. Such a noob!


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Did you sort the throttle body connections? Ive done a couple of videos on the vvti TB on my youtube CartuneNZ. Next one will be a strip down and reassemble.