Air suspension stuck on high

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G'day all. Going to see about a cheap LS400 tomorrow, to be honest it's cheap enough that I could cop to ripping the motor and box out and using em as spares for my 1UZ 4Runner, but it could end up being a cheap beach cruiser.

So the owner's told me the air suspension is stuck at its highest setting. Just wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction as to how hard this could be to sort out, or whether it's even that big of an issue. Controller, pressure relief valve(s)? I actually saw the car in person yesterday and I don't hate the look of it as is, kind of has a gasser stance to it, and I figure if the worst it'll mean is a bit of a harsher ride then I might even leave it. But it'd be good to get there armed with a bit of info as to what I'm facing.