A650e feels very weak


1998 GS400. Even with the pressure dial all the way up, I can barely feel the gear changes at any level of throttle.

I drove two other GS4s which likely didn’t have the pressure dial turned up, and they change gears much more solidly.

My fluid is all fresh, but when I first had the car is was further on the brown side than I like.

It hasn’t gotten any worse over two years of somewhat aggressive driving.

But what are the odds a filter change would fix it? I’m thinking if there’s enough worn crap in the filter to kill it, I may as well just get a junkyard tranny.

I’m kind of strapped for cash at the moment so any sage advice as to the most cost-effective fix is greatly needed.


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I nearly always start with a service on the trans which includes fluid and filter. Its a good opportunity to have a look in the bottom of the box too. Ive pulled a few pans off to find spare parts in the bottom of boxes that where meant to be good units. Also good chance to see how much crap is on the magnets. That said if its not slipping and hasnt gotten worse crossing your fingers might be an option.


There was definitely crap on the magnets, but nothing worse than the average transmission maintenance YouTube video. No big flakes or chunks or anything.

I had it WOT at 100mph a few days ago and the 3-4 upshift was nice and firm. Got a good shift shock out of it, way stronger than 1-2 or 2-3. I’m inclined to think it’s just wear on those particular clutches. A junkyard trans with accumulator shims will probably be the ticket. Until then I’ll drain and fill and just keep driving.


+2 There is a writeup for the a650e Is300 transmission accumulator shim that will help firm up the shifts without making them ridiculous...