A341E solenoid control question


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Hello. My understanding is that the foward 4 gears in an Aisin A341 are controlled by 2 solenoids on the valve body, and the trans is controlled by the ECU. S1 on S2 off = 1st. S1, S2 on = 2nd. S1 off S2 on = 3rd. S1, S2 off = 4th.

So, Im planning to wire the 2 shift solenoids on my ucf11 LS400 to 2 switches on the center console to manually control the transmission full time.

I know this can be done with an aftermarket/diy controller but I havent found any information on whether or not the ECU will go into limp mode with the trans outputs disconnected.

Has anyone tried directly wiring the solenoids to manual switches with no controller? Anyone had issues with this? Thanks