89 4WD ext. cab + 1UZ project


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Hey guys. I've been lurking these forums for information purposes for some time now. My project has been on hold for awhile, but now that I'm beginning to get going again, I figured I'd start up a progress thread for anyone interested. I don't think what I'll be doing is too unique, but hopefully someone will find the solutions I find to any problems that arise useful. I just purchased a 1994 LS400 1UZ with 108k on it today, which is why I'm getting amped up now.

I'm keeping IFS, and using the w56 tranny. I have an r150f I'd like to eventually rebuild and have as a spare for when the W blows up, if it does. Some day this will be a long travel prerunner (Word, Smitherz. Your project is very inspiring), but I'm keeping the motor swap the only high dollar investment for now.

I found my project vehicle on pirate4x4 last year, got a good deal on the perfect swap candidate: no motor (originally 3.slow), and including a full set of Ivan Stewart fiberglass.

The pictures are from the day I got it back, last fall, since then I've torn it down a bit to prepare for the swap, and paint. More photos

For now, just to appease my curiosity, has anyone remote mounted their radiator in the bed? It's a standard prerunner setup, but I've seen some question the ability of the water pump to push water through modified cooling setups. It would seem a good solution to the large mass of a v8 in a small compartment. I do plan on cutting a hood scoop into my fiberglass hood, but having the whole front of the engine exposed to air as well sounds good. I could also put a larger radiator (I have a single core aluminum radiator from a BMW kicking around) and fan setup back there, mounted on a bed cage.

Further plans include custom dual 2.5" into 3" single exhaust, 33" BFG MTs that will hopefully fill up my fender flares without lengthened a-arms, and a wild paint scheme. I may also replace the Ford Probe GT seats the previous owner installed with two leather buckets I have from my 1985 Supra, with a roll bar and 5 point harnesses to match.

Anyone have links to favorite paint schemes to recommend? Any other recommendations also welcome...

It has begun =D



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A mate of mine runs a bed mounted radiator in his hilux, its a large alloy unit he made himself (he's a clever f#%k)
Engine is a supercharged 1uz, 400hp
water pump seems to have no problems and it runs cool and reliable. I'm planing on doing the same to mine as it keeps the radiator out of the mud.



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Mate Guts off here runs a radiatior in the rear have a read of his thread. Also I would sell the w series box and use that money to rebuild the r series. The reason being that you will have to replace the bellhousing and everything to add the R later.

I weighed up the same options with mine and decided to fit it straight up and rebuild it when it needed it. Depending on you intentions for the truck I dont think the w box will hold up.


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Hmm. I've been slacking off for a few months, but I did get a few pics of the motor after I picked it up from Long Island. At this point I'm still just stalling on the 1UZ -> R150f bellhousing solution. I can't justify the Castlemain/Dellow housing, which I knew getting into this project. However, I still have hope for SuperRunner's custom housing.

I've been out of touch with developments on this swap for some time now, has anything happened I would need to know about?



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Any updates? I am in Buffalo NY 3 hours away and it is good to see someone close by doing this. I am itching to do one in my 91 x-cab and my 71 FJ40. Where did you find your motor, what came with it and if you don't mind... how much? I plan on assembling all the parts between now and years end so I can start after the new year when I have more vacation time. I plan to use the toyota 5 speed that is in the 91 now. I Just have to search to find out what number box it is. Since you are staying IFS IIRC which sump version did you get? Thanks for the time, Good Luck and keep us posted. If you are in need of anything let me know and I would be happy to check the yards around here and ship to you since distance is short. We have two yards with toyota's and one of them has some Lexus stuff, but we haven't yet agreed on a price for an engine so I am curious what your rate was.


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Heya, nice to see someone local here. No significant updates really. I have the motor sitting under the hood, but not positioned. I've been busy, and have more than one project...I'm actually rebuilding my mkII supra's engine right now.

I got the 1UZ from Phoenix Auto Parts, a salvage yard in Bay Shore, NY. All told, it was $980 including coil packs, ECU, AFM, and wiring harness. I drove down to pick it up, so I got to poke around the car it came from (1994 LS400, front sump). I think it had 60k miles on it. They had one other 1UZ at the time, and they may still have one or two now, judging from their parts finder.

I know from the way the motor is sitting now that the sump does need to get modified to preserve IFS.

Mine is more of a long term, slow moving project. I am a terrible procrastinator, and also wishy washy on my plans. Sometimes I just want to get the thing moving, others I want to wait until I have a pile of parts from Total Chaos, Deaver, Sway-a-Way etc. to make it a full out prerunner.