3uz fe into a 80 landcruiser

Mark Kreel

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Hi Guys
Not sure if this is the place to put this thread but if its wrong the mods can move it. I am planning to install a 3uz into a landcruiser and I need some info from anyone who has done something like this. I looked at the 1 uz but power is low and the torque comes in at 4000rpm which is to high. The 3 uz has 30 nm more torque and it comes in at 3400rpm. I am trying (hoping) to improve my fuel consumption by going for a 3 uz and have the extra power as well. I currently have the 4500 EFI motor with 4 spd auto gearbox. Any advice would be appreciated.

Mark Kreel

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The 2 uz is just as bad as the 1fz fe, heavy on fuel and low on power. The 3 uz is a better engine just want to find out if anyone has done the conversion and what the improvement is.


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Hi, I plan to do the same with my Fj80.
A mechanic is going to do it all for 3k USD, but i can get a better price if i can find an engine myself.


Once done 3UZ conversion with a street car, some 1600 kilos. Everything was fine, power was just enough, more or less would be worse.