2002 Sportcross, yellow V8 with a supercharger

PARTS FOR SALE: Limited availability on EGR Delete Kits, Torque Converters and Supercharger Brackets. Email for info: [email protected]

Brad Bedell

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Dallas TX
Brad Bedell
Phone: PM me or email.
Dallas TX area. 75022
72520 miles on odometer. (note, not accurate, see below)
Title: rebuilt salvage. No restrictions.
PM will be slow. Email will be faster. bradmr2 at hotmail dot com

2002 Is300 Sportcross
Custom Yellow
Dark grey suede leather

Asking price: I'm very motivated. So shoot me a private offer; even if it's a low-ball. However, expect some haggling or heckling if you're way low. :)

Trades? I might consider something easier to sell. Now, if you've been trying to sell your something for 6+ months, I don't want it either. I'd want something I could dump quickly in a couple weeks time.
Don't like the wagon? Buy it, strip the parts and put it in your sedan. *most* parts will interchange.

I've been talking about selling this car for about 3 years now. I've finally gotten around to cleaning up the car and making it presentable. I've just simply lost interest in it. My wife currently daily drives it with our newborn, so there are no
reliability issues. I'd be comfortable heading across country with nothing more than spare fluids and maybe a screwdriver/crescent wrench or pliers.

This car has,only once in 6 years, left me stranded when the oil pump exploded on the original GS400 engine. It's been exceptionally reliable and has done quite a bit of daily driven duty over the years. I've never had it on the dyno, so I just don't know. It IS considerably faster than a new Mitsu EVO...

*IF* you are interested in this car, do your due diligence. I've forgotten more about it than I remember. I've not intentionally left anything out. I'll be happy to answer any questions or clear things up.
See the build here:

See lots of misc photos on BEDELLRACING.COM under project

Build notebook. I have about 20 pages of notes. Most of them don't make sense, but I'll send you with a copy. Also, bring a USB drive or remind me to burn you a copy of the Lexus electrical wiring diagrams. I'll do the best I can to help diagnose
any problems that might arise down the road. No promises, as I said. I've forgotten quite a bit. But I can usually provide guidance to someone who has basic troubleshooting skills.

Lextreem 5.2l Stroker Kit. Built on a Tundra 4.7 VVT-I block (2005 model) Ross pistons, rods, ARP hardware through-out. Engine *might* have 10k miles on it. It's not been driven much, so I suspect 5k miles is more accurate.
Ported & polished heads
TRD supercharger
Map ECU2 with additional injector control Cold air intake (in lower right side of wheel well)
Electronics: GS400 ECU
Everything works less the items in the disclosure list.

Custom Stainless exhaust
Custom long tube equal length headers
IPT transmission kit + custom shift kit. (GS430 transmission with IS300 tail shaft)
Factory LSD with 3.71 gearing
TRD sway bar on front (rear not needed, but I believe I have the rear and it will be included)
Aluminum radiator
Large Transmission cooler
Hood strut kit (hydraulic lifts)
Custom hood.
Hidden Trailer hitch. (can be removed)
Dk Grey/black suede leather interior. I have a spare set of front seat cover leather in the attic.
Heated seats (factory)
6 disc changer works and has never given me issues.

Tein HA coilovers with EDFC (blown)
Tein SS coilovers. (blown)
Xenon headlights. Leveling does work.
White fog lights. *I removed the yellow from the lenses
comes with roughly 1/2 quart of spare paint. (PPG global)
Console Arm rest kit
two working keys with electronics and probably 3-4 keys without electronics.
Tires are in good shape. over 50% remains.
Walbro 255lph fuel pump.
Front rims are 17x7.5 rear SX rims.
Rear rims are widened factory rims to 17x9
Figs hood strut kit. (these are getting weak, but still work)

Spare parts:
Front seat leather, both seats.
Both sets of coilovers listed above. They are 1/2 & 1/2 installed. (HA front, SS rear)
two sets of cylinder heads for the V8.
2002 SC430 ECU (this may be clear, or may be coded to my keys. I started the swap project, got lazy and backed out of it (too early in retrospect)
2002 GS430 wiring harness
Drive by wire throttle pedal and throttle body.
Probably a hole host of things I'm forgetting that's stuffed in the attic. You'll be welcome to dig in the attic when you come pick the car up.

What doesn't work:
Coolant gauge. I never got around to figuring this one out.
Traction control. I've eliminated it.
Evap system. it was functional. Stopped working when I put the Map ECU in. I suspect I broke a connection or caused a leak. I've not diagnosed it; I usually just cuss every time the light comes on.

What needs some attention:
Fuel gauge is completely empty at 1/8th tank. Something to do with how the GS and IS300 gauges talk to each other.
Coil-overs are blown. You're getting two sets. Send one out for rebuild while you drive on the other set. They aren't leaking, just don't control the car. I'd get a custom set of springs on the car while you have it apart.
Rear exhaust cutouts
Paint detail. She's dirty!
The car sat 6 months earlier this year. I found 6 drops of oil on the floor when I moved it. Once I've been driving it again, I've not seen any leaks.
Optima Battery is 10 years old. If it sits 7-10 days, it needs a charge. If driven every day, it's good.
Timing control on the Map ECU. It's got a dirty power signal. Might be the battery or alternator. I'm not sure. We spent enough time on the scope to
verify that the problem was the power.
Needs an alignment. I changed the coilovers with some blown ones I bought used...
Headlights need buffed again.

LF speaker is blown or has a bad connection. The problem showed up when I installed an ipod interface. I recall taking the interface out, but could be mistaken. In any case, plan on diagnosing that if you care about the factory stereo.

Disclosure items:
Salvage title. Twice. First one was in mid 2005 It was a theft recovery. Interior was stolen. All boy panels were mint and no paint work had been performed. I have the original keys, so I suspect it was a fraud job.
The 2nd time was around May 2006, shortly after I completed the swap and paint. Photos of crash/rebuild documentation are in the IS300 V8 build thread. No problems with alignment, the frame was only damaged in front of the shock towers, which we sectioned in new rails(not crash parts).
Odometer was swapped out to diagnose an issue, they were within 5k miles apart, I don't recall up or down.

As I've mentioned before, please spend some time looking over the threads and asking questions.

Large, high resolution Photos are here:

is300SX - B+B Photography



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Brad good to see you back, even if it's only to sell that impressive IS swap project of yours! GLWS.

Guys, Brad is one of our advanced swappers. He's done stuff that the rest of us only talk about, and he makes it look like it was easy. And when it's finished, it usually looks and works like it was OEM.

Brad Bedell

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Dallas TX
Brad good to see you back, even if it's only to sell that impressive IS swap project of yours! GLWS.

Guys, Brad is one of our advanced swappers. He's done stuff that the rest of us only talk about, and he makes it look like it was easy. And when it's finished, it usually looks and works like it was OEM.

Thanks! If it doesn't sell, I'll probably be 'forced' to do a manual transmission on it at some point. :) I think a proper 6 speed is all it's really missing.

Justen: Convert it. :) It should all, mostly work. Though, you'd have to build a new set of headers.


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The thought I'd cross my mind Brad. At my current rate of project progress thoughI'd get to it in about 2020 though ;)

We didn't get the wagons in Oz either? I like them though and looking into importing one as a daily and tow car for the new 400kg track toy.