1uzfe vvti ECU and A341E transmission

Im Dan from the UK and a bit stuck with the UZ swap. I have done one before, as 1st gen 1uzfe into a surf.

As you probably know the old 1st gen LS is hard to get hold of (well over here anyway) and we are getting the vvti 1uzfe’s with the A650E gearbox which there seems no adaptor to go to the vf1a / rf1a transfer case.

Knowing next to nothing about autoboxes and the black magic they work, I have a theory but not sure that it will work.

What is it is, is bolting a A341E to the vvti uz engine and using the vvti ECU to run the A341E gearbox by splicing the relevant wires to give the signals for it to work. Below are the operating sequences for both boxes so would wire the A341E ‘L’, ‘2’ & ‘D’ to the A650E ‘2’, ‘3’ & ‘4’ as the solenoid sequence looks the same but the C,B & F are different but question is doe the solenoid sequence control them? I guess I would have to not wire 5th gear and low from the ECU. Also not sure about solenoids 3 & 4?

I know I am sacrificing a good gear box for a not so good one but until someone makes an adaptor im pretty snookered.

If im talking a load of rubbish im sorry to have wasted your time.

Thanks Dan


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Hey mate, I'm not sure I can help with your issue, but I have one of my own.

You say you have the operating sequence for both those gear boxes? I'm looking for the shift selector digital output logic and solenoid logic for an a341e. I have the tcm2000 that I'm trying to set up to run it and I'm pretty sure the default settings are wrong.

Cheers for any info.


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Switch logic for a341 s1/s2 is first on/off, second on/on, third off/on and od is off/off.

Wiring vvti to a341 wont work. Very different operation.


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Hello George

Ill take 10. haha. Ive only ever seen two four wheel drive 1uz. Both UZS147 Artiso (basically a crown by a different name) I think. One was brought to NZ by a the Managing director of Toyota NZ for his wife and by the time I saw it had 200Km on it. Still an awesome car. The other a Used import. It's a bit like the 1uz Hiace ambulance. Ive seen a few of them but they are pretty rare now.


I receive quite a few such ecus every year, mostly for emissions off.
UZS173 seems to be more common (still 1uz vvti 4at 4wd)