1UZFE general info wanted

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Newbie at this so please be nice!

I am currently in the middle of a Triumph TR6 rebuild (most of you will be too young to know know what that is- Lol. ) and have decided that it’s getting a V8. It’s going to be a sleeper.

Just in the process of working out if it it will fit.

Got a few questions.

Vvti or not? And what can I get out of a non vvti without turbos etc.

Is the engine difficult to get going? Like the bmw where you need to clear the ecu and have correct keys etc.

Will I need to rebuild the engine or are they good for 100s of k miles? and if so is it expensive to work on?

Does the engine have to sit horizontal or can it have a slight incline to the front and slope down to the rear of the car.

Are all the sumps easily interchangeable? May need a rear sump to get over a front chassis beam.

Want a 5 speed manual box. What’s the easier fix/option.

Any help much appreciated
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Welcome aboard.

VVTi or not is a matter of availability and how much you are prepared to pay. I would go VVTi if I did another UZ.

Getting meaningful power increases on a 1UZ is hard and expensive. An aftermarket ECU, headers, cold air intake and a bit of head porting may get you 40HP on a good day.

Early engines are fairly easy to get going and don't need any security by-pass. Later engines have an immobiliser and are a bit harder.

UZ's are known to last hundreds of thousands of miles. Less than 150,000 miles should still be a good motor if serviced and the correct antifreeze used.

Being injected they can operate at quite extreme angles so a slight incline or lean one way or another won't matter. My engine leans a bit one way to help clear the front diff.

Sumps interchange easily. Rear sumps are on the Soarer/SC400 but they are not really rear, rather mid/rear. you can get custom rear sumps.

I haven't played with manual swaps for a while so I'll leave it to others to advise but adaptors are readily available. Budget a minimum US $2,000 for an adaptor, flywheel and clutch if you do it correctly.

Biggest problem I see for you is the width of the engine and getting the exhausts down between the engine and chassis rails.

Infinity jon

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Biggest problem I see for you is the width of the engine and getting the exhausts down between the engine and chassis rails.

Thanks for the reply.

Many people put V8s into Tr6 - big in the States.

I am currently modelling the chassis and engine bay in Solidworks and trying to see digitally how much room I have. I will then model up a 1UZ and drop it into the model but this all takes a long time and would be nice to do the model from the actual engine rather than pictures. It may be easier to get a fully clad lump and just try it.

For info

This fits! just. Is the 1UZ a bigger engine?


another option.....older 1uzfe with 2 uzfe bottom end (machine 2uz pistons .06 and custom motor mounts) will net you similar performance to vvti with the ability to boost later on