1UZFE aluminum Fidanza flywheel


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This Group Buy is Proposed By Username:

The holy grail of engine swaps and manual transmission conversions has arrived, and is being sold here at a ridiculously good price!

I have convinced fidanza, http://www.fidanza.com, to make one of their famous aluminum flywheels (with replaceable steel insert) for the 1UZFE. The steel insert part # will be 229501 so check for fitment of your clutch surface at

These wheels will be direct bolt-on's with the correct ring gear orientation (flipped for the 1uz inboard starter), proper crank bolt pattern, etc. No more screwing around with modified 3sgte flywheels!!! No more custom ($$$$) flywheels!!! No more heavy steel flywheels (all the au flywheels are steel)!!!

The pressure plate holes will correspond to the 3sgte. Other toyota pressure plates share the same pattern. Alternatively, nearly all toyota clutches use the same spline. So, using this new aluminum fidanza 1uzfe flywheel you can use a 3sgte clutch and pressure plate with nearly any toyota gear box. Thats right... everything will be off the shelf, ready to go. No more mysteries and custom one-offs!

Fidanza is asking that an initial order of 10 flywheels be placed to cover the R&D of developing the wheel. They predict a price between $325-$375 (USD). They suggested I buy 10 and then sell them for $100/wheel profit. This would make the wheel similar in price to the au steel wheels but still cheaper than the custom wheels that are currently being made by some on this site. I would prefer to keep this amongst friends and pass the rewards on. So, my cost is your cost. Lets get these wheels rolling.

You will not find a 1uzfe flywheel this cheap anywhere else!!! You will also not find another aluminum 1uz flywheel!!! This will be the last flywheel you ever buy b/c the steel inserts are totally replacable. You never buy another flywheel... just bolt in a new steel insert ($50 from jegs) and the flywheel is as good as new!!!

You will also never find this flywheel unless we get a solid first order in!!!

want one??? me too... time to poney up... I am collecting names.


Sounds almost too good to be true...! I'm in! Did they give any idea how long this will take? I just cant blieve your timing david, i just starting to collect parts for my manual conversion and vuala! there you are!

Edit: Would it be possible to order our flywheel with the insert that we need so we dont have to spend more money on the right one? That would be awsome, i guess ask Fidanza and tell us what they say. Or maybe send us the flywheel without the insert so we can buy the insert once instead of twice? I mean 229501 will fit my application, just thinking of other people to get them more interested.


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Thank you for the interest thus far. We need to generate more orders before this thing comes to fruition.

In reply to the questions

(1) Shipping to Aus is around $125 USD using DHL or UPS. If you know of a cheaper shipping service, let me know. Also, let me know if you are still interested and wish to be counted in.

(2) I have asked fidanza about making a flywheel that could accept multiple friction plate sizes. They said that it is possible within reason. However, in order for this to happen, the flywheel would have to be designed such that it could tolerate the stress loads of the largest steel insert that we request. Basically, the bigger the steel insert, the thicker the flywheel, the heavier the flywheel. It seems to me, the best approach is to make it a 3sgte clutch and pressure plate set-up for the 1uz flywheel. Most of the toyota gear boxes use the same 21-spline design. This means that a 3sgte clutch should work with almost any toyota box. If a 3sgte clutch will not work for you, please let me know which steel insert part # you would require. We can work from there.

(3) Design to ship date is about 4 weeks. Design begins once we generate enough names and cash. I will be shipping them a 1uz flex plate once it looks like this thing has enough momentum.

Keep the faith and spread the word. It would be a terrible shame to see this collaboration die. I have a dream of a day, when affordable, performance, off the shelf products are as available and plentifull for the 1uz as they are for the SBC.


Anything engine the plate number of 229501 on the application guide means that clutch that came with that engine will also work? For example it says for the 7mgte 229501 also, so will it will work with the R154 clutch? I may just be showing my ignorance... but i have to ask.



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ill take one

i am also wanting a set of forged pistons . can you help me with getting a set
your group buy was over before i could order


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Peter (toyotav8boat), glad you joined us on this group buy. I put you name on the list. David (Lextreme) did the group buy on the pistons. You should pm him about those.

Nick (xirforever), please ask as many questions as you need to make an informed decision. There are two dimensions to be concerned with when mating a clutch and flywheel (1) diameter; both inner and outer diameter of the clutch friction area (2) thickness; the distance between friction faces is import for the pressure plate to engage the clutch properly.

Any clutch which is listed as using fidanza part #229501 will fit within the range of the friction surface (1) diameter.
As for thickness (2), you need to be sure that the clutch is going to be clamped properly between the flywheel and pressure plate. You have a few options.

(A) First off, see if you pressure plate uses the same bolt pattern as the mr2 turbo, 3sgte, (1uzfe flywheel will use this bolt pattern). If it does, then double check the thickness of the your clutch. If it checks out, you're good to go. You can use your clutch and pressure plate with the 1uz flywheel.

(B) If your pressure plate uses a different bolt pattern, but your clutch is the right thickness, then use a 3sgte pressure plate with your clutch and the fidanza 1uzfe flywheel.

(c) Follow the easiest road, IMO, and use a 3sgte clutch, 3sgte pressure plate, and the 1uzfe flywheel. Make sure that your clutch uses the same 21 spline as the 3sgte (most toyotas do) and this option will work very well for you. There are plenty of performance companies that sell 3sgte pressure plate and clutch combinations at reasonable prices. Check ebay. If you shop around, you should be able to get a stage2 or stage3 clutch/pressure-plate combo pack for under $500. With the fidanza flywheel, that puts you in a very affordable price bracket for the best performance parts available.

(d) If you are not using a toyota gear box (I am not), use a 3sgte pressure plate with the 1uzfe flywheel from this group buy. Then have a clutch shop mate a 3sgte clutch friction surface to your transmissions corresponding center spline. This is what I am doing. Generally, a custom clutch is not more money than an off the shelf clutch. You will just have to wait longer to get it. An honest clutch shop will charge you based on the materials and labor. It does not take more labor to put a different center spline on a clutch. If you fit into this category, and need help finding a good clutch shop let me know. I have a guy that I use who is very good and very honest. For example, I had a custom McLeod sintered iron clutch (RevLockII) made (3sgte friction surface, porsche center spline) with a corresponding 3sgte pressure plate made for under $450.

hope that helps


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Why design the flywheel to work with a FWD type trans such as the 3sgte? Why not have it mate with a R154 5 speed from the MK3 supra turbo and design it for the supra pattern? I think many people who are going to swap to a manual tranny are going to want to use the R154.
The flywheel as proposed will work with the R154 transmission.
Flywheel does not dictate transmission type only clutch spline which is an easy one to fix.


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sniper, mycarhasposessedme is correct. In addition, the 2jzte uses a larger pressure plate (3-4lbs heavier) and flywheel (5lbs heavier) than the 3sgte. In addition to FWD, the 3sgte also came in RWD and AWD applications.

Here is what the 1uzfe flywheel will have
(1) 1uzfe ring gear (same as 3sgte but flipped for inboard starter)
(2) 1uzfe crank bolt pattern
(3) 3sgte pressure plate holes

(1) & (2) are unavoidable requirements for the 1uzfe, unless you want to relocate and/or regear the starter which is totally unnecessary and excessively complicated. Really, the only variable is (3). Since you can use many toyota clutches with the 3sgte pressure plate, and alternatively, since you can use a 3sgte clutch with many toyota spline shafts (read: transmissions), it makes sense to use the lightest and "closest fit", or "most universal" option available. That is "why" the 3sgte.

If, you feel, it is really important for you to use the supra pressure plate, I can ask fidanza about drilling multiple holes to fit various pressure plates (the dowl pins are the same). Let me know.


Heres what im thinking. Everything you say makes it sound great to use that clutch with the R154 pressure plate and everything else but if the 2jz-gte flywheel is bigger does that mean that the friction area would be larger? Basically is the 3sgte clutch big enough to hold a 4,000 lbs car. The MR2 is much much lighter. If the 3sgte clutch has the same diameter as the R154 then we are set. But if it would be possible to have the R154 pressure plate holes drilled into the flywheel as well without compromising any flywheel integrity that would be awsome and greatly appreciated!



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Nick (xirforever),

Size is only one variable in a clutches holding power. As an example, formula one clutches are ridiculously small.

It is generally easier to make a clutch/spring-plate/flywheel hold more power than it is to make it lighter. I suggest we start out with lightness and then make clamping force by using appropriate friction materials.

A sintered iron 3sgte clutch with a performance pressure plate will hold 700 crank horse power. If you want more power than that, a triple plate clutch should be on your shopping list ($$$). A triple plate clutch the size of the 3sgte friction surface will take you into the 1300+hp range. If you want more than that, I suggest you become friends with machinists as you will need to strengthen nearly every part of the vehicle and drivetrain.

The 3sgte flywheel is the perfect size for the 1uz ring gear (same ring gear), meaning that a 3sgte flywheel is the largest flywheel you will be able to use with the stock 1uzfe ring-gear/starter. The 3SGTE clutch/pressure plates are some of the strongest off the shelf units available for the friction surface area we have to work with. If you want more surface area you are going to need a larger flywheel. If you want a larger flywheel you are going to need a larger ring-gear. If you want a larger ring-gear you need to relocated the starter and possibly modify the rear of the block and any bell-housing you will be using.

I still think that for most people (very rare exceptions), the best options are (c) & (d) in my previous post.

Honestly, I will look into the 2jzgte pressure plate size and clutch size. This may work. However, I have a feeling that the clutch is going to be too large for the 1uz ring-gear, and honestly, I dont think it is necessary.


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Peewee and inquiring minds,
With the steel insert bolted in, similar too, or slightly lighter than the fidanza 3sgte flywheel.

4 to 4.5 kgs
9 to 10 lbs

... half the weight of currently available AU steel flywheels...


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It is around double the price for those in AU (shipping to AU from USA). I can understand the dilemnia. However, in my experience the price tag correlation for weight reduction is never linear. It is nearly always exponential. In this case, we are very lucky.

Fortunately, for those of us in the US it is the same price (shipping to USA from AU).


Oh, for you US guys there would be on comparison. Much better option for the Fidanza's.

My 7.5-8kg flywheel (never measured it) cost me $340AUD plus shipping. I paid an extra $120AUD for a new ring gear as it was easier to do that than fit my flexplate one.

Tis up to each individual to decide.
I wonder how well a 1UZ with a 4kg flywheel would drive? Would it be a bitch in day to day traffic?


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So how many people are you off having enough to get this going?

I will be needing a flywheel in a few months, much chance of this happening soon?

Us aussie guys could get them shipped together, would cut the postage cost a bit.


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To be honest, I am amazed at the poor response thus far. There are two people confirmed and one pending. We need ten to get the order starter. I am considering buying all the rest, and increasing the resale cost to cover my end (interest on the card, shipping, etc). I dont want to do this for many reasons. I have no interest in making money off this deal. However, I dont want to loose any either.

Group shipping to Aus would definately be cheaper than shipping each wheel individually.