1UZFE/2UZFE into a 2nd Gen 4Runner (U.S.)


Yeah come on updates..I started doing mine after reading a bit of this thread (4 months ago) and am now driving it. Hmmm '82 Hilux ute in the driveway.....


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FINALLY... Time for another chapter in this saga. (Getting this into my garage was a monumental feat - not due to maneuvering but due to finding a home for all the junk in my garage.



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First off, sad to say that there's no new tech here.

This project has been permanently shelved. I started back on this and the rust on the 4Runner was too severe (body AND frame) to warrant throwing any money at it. Sitting in my yard for a couple of years pushed the 4Runner into the not worth saving category. It spent 12 years on the road in the rust belt and a couple sitting out (was never garaged when it was operable either so that didn't help). It's gone now - all the good stuff stripped off.

Like a lot of projects, started off with good intentions and a decent plan but life got in the way. I've restored all the pics I could find (almost all of them), but there won't be any new tech added to this unless something crazy happens.

I have another (non-Toyota) project waiting in the wings, so an additional part of the demise of the UZ swap was having 2 inoperable vehicles on my property. The Mrs wasn't standing for it...

In the end, I finally got a running Toyota V8 after all - in the form of a Sequoia family hauler. :)