1UZ VVTi / 3UZ / 2JZ stock ECU conversion for M/T


This offer is a device that eliminates limp home mode, which is otherwise active if ECU does not 'see' stock auto transmission.

Earlier ECU models (1UZ non-vvt, 1jz, 2jz before 1998) didn't have "underpowered" fuel/spark/vvti (for the JZ) maps for N/P transmission range, so these ECUs are 'fooled' quite easily.

Newer ECUs are not like that. Putting them in P or N will eliminate all fault codes, but engine power will be somewhat limited.

My device solves the problem by simulating solenoids and input/output shaft rotation sensors, so the speed of 'rotation' corresponds to engine RPM and current gear.

The only dyno sheet available so far is for 17x body Toyota Majesta engine in a 90-series MarkII
It's not perfect and the 10% lack of torque can be explained by non-functional variable intake geometry system (ACIS)

The device costs $100 USD shipped worldwide


It will operate of course
With my device, ECU thinks it has its stock a/t and performs accordingly

It's test car problem, not related to my device
Used ACIS control solenoids don't last for long. The owner didn't want to replace it with a new one


I see. Is it possible to plug your device into the tranny wiring harness? I'm still phobic about cutting up my ECU wiring harness.


Possible but correct operation is not guaranteed with long wires
You can just undo loom pins from connector so the operation would be reversible
Or buy a modified ecu from me which will not interfere with a/t loom


Yes always available, works with GS430 ecu for 5-speed auto. 6-speed variant is under test now. Price 100 usd shipped. PM or email me for details