1uz into a land rover discovery

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Hi guys new to the forum and toying with an idea.
So I currently have a disco 1 with a rover 3.9 v8 running 4.6 heads with heavy duty lifters, valves, guides, tappets, rods pretty much stage 1 top end and a race cam.
Altogether running about 210 horses but starting to become unreliable.
So I'm thinking of putting a 1uz in it getting rid of 4wd and going rwd. Slightly wider rear arches etc.
Just finished putting one in a friend's stag and wow what engine.
So in my head buy a donor car so have engine g.box and loom. All mounts and anything else needed in the conversion.
So has any one else fitted one in a landy and is it realistically possible a tight budget? Any thing particular to look out for that May catch me out?
Looking forward to hearing advice.
Cheers guys


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Sydney, Australia
I have a 1UZ in my RR Classic.

Not the easiest fit but with custom headers it can work.

I still have 4x4 and use a Nissan Patrol transmission.

Interestingly the power steering hose from the Lexus bolted straight onto the RR box.

I had to relocate the alternator as the steering box is in the way.