1UZ Drift car ALMOST ready to Race

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:slaphappy: Hi Lads

My Project Dubbed (Drift Stain) by my mates (Don’t Ask) is finally starting to take shape.

First round being on the 19-6-09 at Winton Raceway.

OK! Here we go!

Car Type
  • The car is a 95-96 VR / VS Commodore heavily modified.

Drive train
  • 1UZFE Stock, unsure how many KM???
  • Adaptronic ECU
  • 2.3L Wipple supercharger
  • Richwood Manifold
  • CRS bell housing and Clutch setup (custom brass button)
  • R154 Supra box
  • Custom Tailshaft
  • Commodore Diff 3.08 Welded

· Koni Bump and rebound adjustable inserts in custom made coilovers
· Bump and rebound adjustable coilovers (Shock used as a upgrade for a Lamborghini)
· Every adjustable link that I could manufacture to create as much adjustability as possible.

  • VYSS all round
  • Soon to be 5000 series rotors and race pads
  • Custom Braded lines
  • Hydraulic Hand break
  • Will Wood pedal box

I will post the dyno results in 2 weeks and after the drift round I will try and post some video of her on the track.

Here are a few photos