1UZ/A340/87 4Runner, Transfer case options?

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First off, I have to apologize, as I know this has been done many many times, and probably well-documented. This is one of those scenarios where there's actually so much information out there that it's hard to actually sort out specific answers. I've been searching and reading build threads so much that I think I'm actually more confused than when I started :confused:.

Seems like most UZ swaps are done with a manual transmission, and the auto trans, 4WD ones are typically on newer Toyotas with a driver's side drop transfer case.

Long version: I'm very much in the planning phase, trying to decide if I'm going with a 5VZ or 1UZ in my 87 4Runner. I would prefer the 1UZ, but the transmission/transfer case situation is a big concern. I know if I find a 3.4 T-100 donor, I can take the entire engine/transmission/transfer case and stuff it in my 4Runner (probably not literally, split engine/transmission for installation) with a little fabrication in mounts/linkage, whereas obviously no 1UZ combination like that exists.

I think I'd prefer to use the A340E/A341E from behind the 1UZ, instead of swapping the torque converter/etc. into a A340F. But, I don't think I want to swap output shafts either.

I know I've read that the T100 transfer case can be bolted to the back of the 1UZ A34xE, I thought nearly bolt-on after cutting down the output shaft and drilling/tapping a mounting hole (although the most detailed thread I could find wasn't very detailed, and I can't even seem to find it now). Comparing the parts books, the T100 transfer case adapter and input shaft are also shared with the '89-'95 22RE trucks/4Runners (which are probably also rare with an auto trans, but still probably opens up options). I'd really like to confirm this route before I put all my eggs in that basket.

Cliff notes: Can anyone confirm that a T-100 or 22RE transfer case can indeed be bolted to the back of the 1UZ A34xE transmission without disassembling the trans? Have a link (or even search term/website) to a decent write-up?


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Another options is to use a A340E 2wd trans that would normally come behind the 1UZ. Remove the tail housing/shaft and install a AW4 tail housing and shaft from a Jeep Cherokee onto it. Then acquire a Dana300 transfer case from a Jeep CJ5 and a clocking ring kit. Bolt this all together and you get common, readily available parts, lots of support, nothing rare about any of these things. And the D300 xfer case is gear drive, and known to be bullet proof. You can also add twin sticks to it for cheap. There are tons of upgraded gear sets for the D300 to get 4:1 and even 5:1 ratios. Way better than the 2.7:1 out of the Toyota xfer cases.


Yea, I saw that recipe. Certainly a possibility, though it involves sourcing used parts from a couple different vehicles, a clocking ring, then building a crossmember, shifter. I assume driveshaft flanges are different. Then tearing down the transmission. Not quite the direction I wanted to go.

That said, I found a guy parting a T100, and got the transfer case, and adapter for $150.