1. haroon131

    Best combo of UZ block and head for N/A and Forced.

    Hello everyone, I want experts to put some combination here for Max output as N/A and Forced. like which generation block (1UZ gens or 2UZ or 3 UZ) with which head (VVTi/Non-VVTi). I thank you all for seeing and replying.
  2. R

    Eaton TVS2300 for 1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZ

    Hello everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! At first, sorry for my english, i'll make a mistakes during this text. I want to announce some stuff, which we made for some guy. He wanted put the Eaton-charger TVS 2300 (Shelby GT500) in his 1UZ. Here is a photos how we did that. Our...
  3. C

    Supercharged 1uz wont start, tried everything..

    Hey guys ive been struggling with my soarer for way to long now, hoping some of you experts can help me. Its a 92 sc400 1uzfe with a bullet supercharger kit and wolf ecu. The original engine blew up about a year after i bought it. It leaned out because of all these mods and still the stock...
  4. B

    newby here gs400 with trd supercharger

    Ever since i installed this supercharger my car is lazy as shit. Im still trying to work out the kinks here and there. Everything is stock, ecu with tundra injectors.. my friend had gs4 with turbo and ran 7lbs with stock ecu with no problems. But im not as lucky, my engine pings and my dtc come...
  5. B

    supercharger or turbo?

    okay looking for opinions and suggestions for my next project.. looking to ad FI to my 1uzfe swapped 4runner. basic low down= engine:90 ls400(all emissions stripped) all stock otherwise drivetrain: R150(factory v6 runner drivetrain) fuel supply: factory 90 v6 runner...
  6. W

    1uz (1st gen) intake adapter

    (i hope im posting to the right spot) hello all, im new to the lexus community, i bought a (1st gen) 1uz with a bunch of extras. i plan on putting it into a 81 toyota pickup, but in the mean time of gathering parts, i came across a 4.7 TRD SC, which i have a chance to get my hands on...
  7. F

    Need Advise with internals and force induction

    Hello Folks, Eric over here checking in from Okinawa, Japan. I own a 1998 Toyota Crown Majesta, powered by a 1UZ-FE VVT-i. You might have gotten a hint from the tittle, I want and need forced induction on my power plant. As i mentioned before, i currently reside in one of the islands of the...
  8. D

    For sale vortech v2 supercharger kit for sc400 $2500

    For sale vortech v2 supercharger kit for sc400 PRICE DOWN $2000 SOLD For sale vortech V2 supercharger kit. 2000 Vortech super charger Lextreme fish bracket 3” pipe kit for inter cooler 3”fmic(front mount inter cooler) Hks blow off valve Super charger...
  9. M

    Help with turbocharging my SC400 1UZ-FE

    Hi, My name is Michael, i live in Stockholm, Sweden and i own an SC400 1992 since a couple of years back. So far the car has been repainted, i replaced the whole interior with new leather, i changed a few suspension details and i'm faced with a dilema: I really like this car but i feel that...
  10. F

    Any supercharger manifold cnc files out there?

    Hello all, I'm a new member but long time troll. I just picked up a 1995 SC400 and love it, but wish it had more power. I've been in cars a long time and have several running projects, built a number of turbo cars (mostly rice burners) and have a good deal of general car knowledge. I've...
  11. T

    This new guy here.

    hows it goin fellas? I'm TJ. scooped up a 98 sc400 a couple of months ago. needs a little love. someone resprayed the IJM and did a shit job so now its going galaxy grey. waiting for get the suspension in and then im going to supercharge. (any and all info on that previous note is VERY...
  12. L

    need help starting a FI 1uzfe project

    hi i would like to know what you think of the following set up: older model 1uzfe motor (as they seem to be able to handel more hp) twin hi mounted t3 turbos integrated inter-cooler spitronics emu and spitronics transmission system built a340 tranny (lextreme torque converter and sift...
  13. P

    2uz M112 Project

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of supercharging my 2uz in my 03 tundra for shits and gigs. Of coarse we all know the 2uz has those weak toothpick rods. I'm not trying to make it a track car but definitely wanna be the talk on the street. So here's my plan. I'm thinking of buying 1uz (early gen.) rods...
  14. S

    Question about the Bullet kit

    Hi guys Looking into getting an M112 from a Cobra/Lightning For my SC 400 and I know that Bullet Cars makes a kit for them. However upon emailing them, they replied that they aren't sure if it's a direct bolt-on without further modification to the kit or fitment under the stock hood. From...
  15. T

    GS400 Turbo or Supercharge?

    So Here it is- I want to boost my car. It is a 99 GS400 with VVTi &E-shift. I have am immediate budget of about $1800 and a complete budget of about 4-5k$ I will like to have extra power as soon as possible. I am willing to try supercharging fro now due to $ and then later move to...