1. jds8086

    96 LS400 - "OE Level" Scan tool - No Communication

    I have an Autel Maxisys MS905 diagnostic/scan tool. It will communicate fine using generic OBD2 J1850-VPW, but if i try to connect via the actual Lexus specific menus to get OE Level data/tools it will not communicate. I am assuming you have to go through one of the other 2 diag ports (rectangle...
  2. R

    '94 Gs300 Trc Problem

    Hi fellows This is my first post here, so please be gentle with me. A couple of weeks ago, I've bought a Lexus GS300 from '94. But yesterday morning, all of a sudden the following warning lights came on while driving: Brake ( the (!) light), TRC and TRC OFF. First I tried stopping the car...