1. Y

    Pulling codes on a OBD2 (1996) 1uz without diag. port.

    Hello, I have a 1996 OBD2 1UZ in a Nissan 240sx. Ive got the thing up and running and id like to pull the codes. I cant seem to find any information about pulling codes on an OBD2 without using a scan tool. Is there a way to do this without a scan tool? So Far i have tried grounding the T1...
  2. T

    Range Rover classic 1uz vvti swap

    Hi There guys, I was wondering if I could get some insight and pro knowledge on my newly started project I've just started rebuilding the rr classic 3 door for hunting, with the engine of choice being the famous 1uz vvti. I'm new to the 1uz family but have a friend helping me with the build...
  3. George_R

    1UZ VVTi / 3UZ / 2JZ stock ECU conversion for M/T

    This offer is a device that eliminates limp home mode, which is otherwise active if ECU does not 'see' stock auto transmission. Earlier ECU models (1UZ non-vvt, 1jz, 2jz before 1998) didn't have "underpowered" fuel/spark/vvti (for the JZ) maps for N/P transmission range, so these ECUs are...
  4. J

    Pinout for Ecu 89661-50170

    Hi guys I'm having a lot of trouble locating a diagram for my ECU, its a 89661-50170 (34-22-16-28 layout) from a UCF 1X Celsior. http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/xref?s=89661-50170&mJ=on&mG=on The loom had been wired for a later (UCF2X) ecu that didn't match the motor and I am now just trying to...
  5. George_R

    1UZ vvti overheats at speed. Things to check?

    Running 1UZ vvti off '98 celsior, ~60k' s on it. Timing stuff replaced (belt and everything), water pump also replaced with toyota original unit just incase. Old WP was fine though. Radiator is brand new aluminum aftermarket unit, the biggest one I could fit. Sized about 600x450x60mm. Using...
  6. M

    Wtb: 95 sc400 ecu

    Just looking for a 95 SC400 1UZ ECU so I can keep my UZ swap going. I know there are more experienced people on here so if other year ECU's will work, let me know, thanks guys.
  7. W

    1uz (1st gen) intake adapter

    (i hope im posting to the right spot) hello all, im new to the lexus community, i bought a (1st gen) 1uz with a bunch of extras. i plan on putting it into a 81 toyota pickup, but in the mean time of gathering parts, i came across a 4.7 TRD SC, which i have a chance to get my hands on...
  8. M

    Wanted: Engine harness, alternator, PS pump, rear sump etc.

    Hey guys, Super new here but have been lurking the forums for a while. I'm currently putting a vvti 1uz into an 87 Fc3s rx7 drift car. Right now we have the JDM VVTI engine, the Collins performance swap parts, and the sr20 trans to make it work. The engine showed up with cut harness and no...
  9. H

    1972 400z

    Well as every story has a beginning. So does this one. I have always had a soft spot for Z cars. When I turned 19 I was working at a local auto parts store making barely better than minimum wage. but I still lived at home with the parents. So I decided why not go out and buy an expensive sports...
  10. K

    What is the best standalone for single turbo 1UZ?

    Best bang for the buck? I understand Motec M880 / M800 is one of the best, but the price is pretty steep. So what's a cheaper standalone that can manage the 1UZ well and offer traction? Thanks!
  11. H

    Sequential Gearbox for 1UZ

    Does anyone know who makes a 5 or 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox that will bolt up to the 1UZ ? Thanks
  12. E

    not start after swap of the MARK II GX 90

    sorry for my English, but i need help. After swap 1UZ in my Toyota mark II GX 90 , engine start and stop after 1 second. found out that disappears voltage injectors, disappears immediately after the engine seizes. Tell me what's wrong? The engine of the Lexus Ls 400 95 year
  13. T

    1UZ into MB 190E

    conversion for Mercedes Benz 190E in South Korea. Originally I was planing to get 1uz vvti into my 190E, but it's changed to non-vvti because its intake mechanism looked very far from my technical expectation. Although I didn't have any problems with immobilizer, drive-by-wire and other...
  14. G

    1UZ suddenly feels underpowered, but everything seems ok?

    I have a 1UZ with a w58 running on MS2 and EDIS 8 for ignition. It was running fine for a good while and recently it has become very sluggish. It seems generally slow to rev, but otherwise it drives fine. AFR's, ignition timing, mechanical timing, TPS etc all seem to check out fine. I re did the...
  15. S

    1uz in 88 4runner overheating issue

    Hi all. I have a 1uz in my runner and I can't seen to get the cooling side of thing right. I have an oversize full alloy radiator out of a supra in it running a custom made shroud with a 14" thermo fan on the inside, EL falcon fans on the outside pushing. I have removed the double bypass side of...
  16. S

    1UZ Toyota Regius

    hi Guys, me is from Lusaka Zambia and i'm strongly thinking about doing a 1UZ swap into a 2000 Toyota Regius minivan. engines this side of ocean are quite cheap and im keen to have a v8 in a mini van. i believe this hasnt been done yet though mr2turbo has a granvia with a 1UZ-TE. wanted...
  17. A

    A few V8 questions

    Hi all, got a few questions about the 1uz. Firstly, is the VVTI motor much harder to wire up? 2: i'm sure i read somewhere the vvti's are coil-on-plug ignition? is this the case? as was originally going to run an older 1uz with MS untill i heard the later ones were COP which should be...
  18. D

    Megasquirt info for 1uz

    Instead of help, I thought I would offer some. I put the 1uz/A340 from a 92 SC400 into my 95 Nissan pickup. Ran it this way for about 2 months, and the stock ECU started running funny. Ground issues, dropping one coil, no read out on CEL. Things just started piling up. With future upgrades...
  19. J

    96 ls400 engine swap

    I bought a 96 ls400 thinking I was getting a good deal but ended up having to put another engine it. The engine currently in it is not the original. But it is a 1UZ. The one I'm putting in is also a 1UZ. I pulled the old engine but noticed that the wiring harness has a lead to the left O2 censor...
  20. P

    1uz fe engine year

    There are a few people selling engines but they are out of the car and have no idea if its the pre 1994 engine or the 1994 on engine. So is there a date or serial number on the block that i can work out a date from? if so where is it? Sorry if its been covered but i couldn't find it.