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    Fs s&s headers $300 shipped for 98+ 1uz or 3uz

    These headers need a little repair. I dont have any pics of them in there current state, cause there still in my car. But I need to sell them to have my install money for my new exhaust. $300 shipped. They just need a little TIG welding to fix the cracks.
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    Do You Track Your SC Post your video's. Road Racing or Drag!!!

    Hey guys I track my SC & I havent seen very many vid's on you tube of people tracking there SC. Mainly road racing, so postem if you gottem. I posted this on CL & didnt get any hits. Lets see how this site does. I expect it will be better. Come on Lextremist's show me what you got!! This one...
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    Trust/Greddy 3uzfe supercharger kit.

    I googled greddy 3uzfe supercharger kit & came up with this. I dont understand, it looks like they are only boosting 1 head???
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    Wierd Over Heating Issue's

    Ok it starts like this. The day I was starting my car from the 1.3uz build. Found out that the temp sensor in the stock radiator does not thread to the Megan supra radiator stock location spot, you can thread it but it aint right. So in desperation, (i never do this) but I DID, I used the JB...
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    Fs-tx-oem lexus sc400 vvt-i head gaskets

    I have the OEM head gaskets from my SC400 rebuild kit that I didnt use cause Lex sold me a set of 430 head gaskets. Ill take $100.00 plus shipping.
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    Help help. Just broke motor, what to do!!!???

    I just installed a new timing belt on sat, & my new s&s headers on sunday night. Had my car trailered to my exhaust shop 50mi away, got the exhaust all finished up, headed home, gettin on it alittle seein how she pulled & difference in the powerband, started to hear alittle noise started slowing...
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    Lets talk torque converters.

    I road race, hardly ever drag race. I here that the torque converters, lex's or dragon tc's are one of the best bang for the buck you can spend. This is my DD & i dont need to launch at every light on my way to work. Can someone tell me how one of these will help me on the road course, & not...
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    Iam a noob this is me.

    I have the same handle @ club lexus, you can check out my garage/pics. also you can check out my, myspace page, i got vid's posted there. even though i have some cool road racin vid's there of me. my fav it the R turbo RUF vid, that driver is money. & just...
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    Rear Strut Tower Bars for SC's I built one.

    Ok my thread on CL just got killed. No offence to ScottURnot, but he was the one who put the hammer down on me, (forum rules) hes a good guy, we talked about it through pm'ing alittle. So I just joined here & I though id just post it here. Let me know what yall think. These are the mockup pics