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    Paddle shift a 50120 5 speed autobox

    Hi Does anyone know if this is possible? What/who do I need to talk to to do it?
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    What gearbox is this?

    Can somebody tell me what gearbox this is? Is it a 4 speed or 5 speed? It was bundled with 1uzfe vvti. What shifter do I need to go with it? I expect it’s obvious to the knowledgable but I’m new to this. Cheers Jonathan
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    1UZFE general info wanted

    Hi, Newbie at this so please be nice! I am currently in the middle of a Triumph TR6 rebuild (most of you will be too young to know know what that is- Lol. ) and have decided that it’s getting a V8. It’s going to be a sleeper. Just in the process of working out if it it will fit. Got a few...