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    gearbox adaptor plates.

    Long shot but I don’t suppose anyone has a accurate 3D model of a 1UZ vvti engine? Trying to squeeze one into a tr6 and want to see if it will fit before I get the air slitter to the inner bodywork. Model format could be any 3D file. Seen one on sketch up but it’s not accurate. Also a...
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    Paddle shift a 50120 5 speed autobox

    Hi Does anyone know if this is possible? What/who do I need to talk to to do it?
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    I require wiring diagrams of engine loom for Celsior model E-UCF21-AEPQK.

    Did you get the 1UZ in the Tr6? I’m about to try the same thing. any pointers and info appreciated. Cheers. Jonathan
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    What gearbox is this?

    Can somebody tell me what gearbox this is? Is it a 4 speed or 5 speed? It was bundled with 1uzfe vvti. What shifter do I need to go with it? I expect it’s obvious to the knowledgable but I’m new to this. Cheers Jonathan
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    Implanting a 1UZ into a Triumph TR6

    Any chance of having access to your blog, I’m going to put a 1UZ in a Tr6 in the UK and could do with seeing how it fits. How much did you need to cut from the tub. Did you modify the chassis. Does it fit under the bonnet/hood. I assume a rear : mid sump to clear the crossmember. Any help...
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    1UZFE general info wanted

    Biggest problem I see for you is the width of the engine and getting the exhausts down between the engine and chassis rails. Thanks for the reply. Many people put V8s into Tr6 - big in the States. I am currently modelling the chassis and engine bay in Solidworks and trying to see digitally...
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    1UZFE general info wanted

    Hi, Newbie at this so please be nice! I am currently in the middle of a Triumph TR6 rebuild (most of you will be too young to know know what that is- Lol. ) and have decided that it’s getting a V8. It’s going to be a sleeper. Just in the process of working out if it it will fit. Got a few...