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    What is the main kit, part or mod you need that isn't available?

    I'm getting some parts made in China and have the ability to explore making mods or kits. What is the main one the UZFE community needs?
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    New Desktop Theme

    Guys, Today the software was update and you'll notice that at the very bottom-left of the site you can now choose between the default Mobile theme as well as a new wide Desktop Theme.
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    Ads on Lextreme

    Gentlemen, (and I use that term in the loosest possible way) ;) Some have complained about the ads on the forums. I've tried in vain to tone them down (Google controls it). If you're getting ads that detract from the experience, please send me a PM and I'll try to remove them for you.
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    Lifter clicking normal for 2UZ-FE?

    Just picked up a first-gen 2001 Sequoia. It's tight as a drum. Literally the only thing that's bugging me is a distinct lifter clicking sound. Is this normal for these engines?
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    Lextreme 2.0

    Gentlemen, I'm very sorry to have sprung these changes on you without communicating about it first. Let me introduce myself and tell you what happened. I'm Justin and I bought the site from the previous owner Richard. "mybrainisimmense" About 24 hours ago I started transferring the site to...
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    Lextreme Changes / Requests

    Hi all, I have taken over for David as webmaster of Lextreme. I have already made a large scale update of Lextreme. Please let me know problems with the update and other changes you would like to see. Richard
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    Lexus LFA - It's happening some nice tidbits 4.8L V10 revs to 9000 rpm 0-60 in 3.6 202 mph top speed.. but the most important quote on the site? "LFA deliveries will beign in early 2011.." The target price - a cool 350k.. we have our first lexus supercar!
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    Want to Learn A lot?

    Click this Link and start from the top and just keep reading. I have been doing this for the last two days and just looking up everything I don't understand on google and can honestly say I have learned tons. Read, reread, and just...
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    I noticed the Lexone while surfing the site (y'all should check this out, the link was a bit buried, so some of ya probably dont know it exists). 350 + shipping, install shouldnt be too bad, and the results look great. Couple Questions 1) is it...
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    Now you can also upload videos!

    Here is how 1) First download a ftp utility (I prefer Leapftp ) 2) After following the instructions given on that site to install your new ftp software. Open up the program. 3) To the right of the button labeled "FTP server" is an address box, write...
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    GS400 vs LS400

    I know a GS400 has been known to dyno at over 225 rwhp. My 95 LS estimates at about 200rwhp, where is the GS getting its other 25 whp? Also, would mods for a GS400 work for my LS400? Things like SRT intakes and chips are quite abundant for th eGS, what is preventing us from using them...
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    New GT line

    Im sure many of you have already heard about this. Lexus is coming out with a new performance line, similar to AMG and //M Lexus will be terming it GT. Instead of forced induction, Lexus has opted for a different route, hybridization. This results in the same power as FI, but with...
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    This message is just a test, you can ignore it :)
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    LS430 prototype.. with a turbo? Is this for real? Could be a hint at the future? Possibly a future supra engine? Any ideas?