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    will sc400 sway bars fit on ls400?

    I have a 1993 LS400 and a 1993 SC400 parts car and was wondering if anyone knew off hand that the sway bars from the SC will directly bolt onto the LS? This would be a nice upgrade for the LS but i'd like to know if anyone has done this before I go spend a few hours proving myself wrong...
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    car runs bad cold, but seems fine when warmed up

    Hello i just picked up my 3rd sc400 dirt cheap ($2200) because it has a engine problem. When I first start the car in the morning it seems to be running on only a few pistons really ruff idle blue smoke out tailpipe smells strongly of fuel. As it sits there warming up it seems to pick up a few...
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    My NOS thread

    Just a few questions about nos I didn't see posted in other threads... I have a very simple dry nitrous setup on my '92 sc400, 10lb bottle, single solenoid, single dry fogger nizzle, WOT switch, and a purge kit. Also 255HP fuel pump. 1. Because its a dry kit and im depending on the stock ecu...
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    WTB stock silver exhaust tips

    I need 2 factory exhaust tips for my 1992 sc400. silver not gold and in as good a shape as posible. they are spring loaded onto the rear mufflers. great deal for anyone upgrading and removing their stock exhaust! $20~40 Thanks Jake
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    more exhaust questions

    I have read through all of the posts about the headers JBrady designed and had built, very impressive. This has lead me to do alittle redesign of the exhaust on my 92 SC400 project car. I have run into a few problems and would appreciate any feedback. First my car was winter driven in the...
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    stock sc400 exhaust 92-95 both mid sections W/o CAT

    Ran my 92 sc400 on one ignition coil and burnt out the cats and resonators with the exes fuel, also very rusty from salt and age, would like a nicer condition stock factory exhaust from the cats to the rear axle, so just the 2 sections with the 2 'Y' pieces in them. I have new cats and rear...
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    aux input with factory headunit cd changer

    hello, My 12 disc cd changer died some time ago and has been removed from the car, I was thinking that I could use the output lines from the cd changer to the head unit to plug in my ipod as a kind of aux input to the factory headunit. I used the wiring diagram to find the 4 wires labled CDR +/-...
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    steering problems with new rims and tires

    i just put supra TT rims on my sc400 with a brand new set of pilot sports, 245/45-17 front and 285/40-17 rear. The rims are 17x8 front and 17x9.5 rear, but i dont know the offsets, i have searched around on this forum and others and seen them quoted from +38 to +50 so i dont know anymore...
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    Any one interested in a sport compact racing league?

    I did this project on my integra a few years ago and was recently thinking about repeating it on my SC400. I was wondering if anyone else has done something like this on a lexus or any other car that might have suggestions for safety or pics of their projects...
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    center caps for supra TT rims on sc400

    I just put supra TT rims on my sc400. I need to find 6.5 inch center caps with lexus emblems or just plain silver. What have other people done with their supra TT rims?? is there a direct cross of a lexus vehicle with 6.5 inch center caps? Thanks Jake
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    vehicle emission control information

    I own (2) 1992 lexus sc400s. Under the hood there are "vehicle emission control information" tags listing compliance with environment regulations and such. On one car is listed "1UZ-FE FED & CANADA" on the other car is listed "1UZ-FE USA & CALIFORNIA" There are noticeable differences in the...