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    Socal Fires

    Glad you and the family are safe. I was lucky enough to barely pass through the freeways before they closed them...
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    Swap a motor in 2 minutes and 47 seconds

    LOL, the whole time, I was worried my slaves, I mean help, would get tired and not want to work anymore. I fed them Doughnuts/coffee/gatorade... The party will continue when the beast is breathing...hopefully with some FI...
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    Swap a motor in 2 minutes and 47 seconds

    Thanks again for your help David, James, Steve... Here's the direct youtube link... Time to just order some new parts and freshen the motor up...maybe while I'm at it, I should throw in a fish...who knows!
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    What Do You Think?

    that looks great! Way better than the other stuff you posted last time...
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    My HIDs

    David, I'm with everyone else here. 8k is a bit much, swap out to 6000k, the lights will still be bluer than most...
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    95' Rims painted black...???

    I would not paint the wheels...rather, I'd fix that ding on your fender... If you want a newer look, I'd save some more and find a nice set of wheels you like.
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    in car adjustable height

    Or, you can do what many are doing now. Using the Universal Air Suspension bag with your coilover. Here is a picture of mine. UAS bags w/ Tein CS v1 coilovers. Height adjustable to get it dialed into your driving style. It can handle on rails or be super soft, depending on where I position...
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    Body kit dillemma... need some help!!!

    That would work if you decide to mix & match. Other lips to look at with 97+ bumper are Big Win and Wise Sports.
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    SC470TT (VVTi)

    Yes, the TQ is amazing, pushed me wayy back into the seat when I test drove it. I can't wait to see what #'s it pushes when the turbos are mounted... You move should have those snails on there by next week =P
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    SC400T (Lextreme's Version)

    i got my new camcorder ready!!! =)
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    Body kit dillemma... need some help!!!

    Well, i'm sorry to say, but that's what happens with the majority of "knock-off" replica kits. You paid $900?!? For a few hundred more, you could have had the real kit. I only paid $1,300 for my JIC kit when I had it years like a glove... Sorry for wasting all your time in it...
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    Getting my Soarer repainted

    Not getting a front lip?
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    SC470TT (VVTi)

    Awesome work David! I took the liberty to post these bad boys to YouTube...let me know if you want to make any changes... SC470 startup SC470 idle Tony
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    The First SC470?

    Don't forget the video...
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    The First SC470?

    you are crazy...i love it
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    HIDS sc info

    I don't think they make any bulbs that will fit in that corner socket. How often do you drive with your highbeams on? I don't think you should really worry about the look of your car when they are on... If you want to improve your lowbeams, like you already know, do a retrofit or purchase...
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    Our TC now has a Life Time Warranty

    oooh sweet, now I can put the petal to the metal more often with no worries!
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    On Board Computer

    Yes, this is definitely possible. There is a board called the "Fusion Brain" which can do that. I recently found that and will be purchasing it soon to do my car for my new setup. I would browse mp3car for your research on hardware/software.
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    I'm with Lex on this one...I would change them out, 215k is a lot of miles!! I replaced all of my bushings around 150k...makes a world of difference! If you've got some extra money, go the extra mile and change your motor mounts and transmission mount as well!
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    New look with Different Rims/Tires

    Its amazing what a set of wheels and a drop will do huh? Check out these...