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    Buick m90 into soarer (sc400)

    I got my self a great deal on buick m90 kit for 1uz from ebay, down side is: it was mounted on a hilux and I own a soarer. The main thing that concerns me is the intake pipe, in a soarer there is very very little space near the firewall (and buick m90 is pretty long), so I am just wondering has...
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    Parting out UZZ31 tan/white in Melbourne

    It has a toyota emblem and says toyota, not sure what shipping will be, ill find out, but $15 for emblem
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    Parting out UZZ31 tan/white in Melbourne

    I am currently in process of wrecking a Pearl white UZZ31 1991 EMV tan interior with the front end damage (front bar is gone, but the front lip might be fixable) I am located in Bayswater Contact Number is: 0433592349 Here is the Spread Sheet of all the parts i can think of right now and...