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    Cannot figure out up/down idling loop

    Ok. I've done my research and searched through a ton of threads about this issue and have generally come up with a steady answer to my problem. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working. Basically, what is going on is that when my 92' SC400 is in park it idles up and down from about...
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    iPod SC400

    I have for a long time wanted to install an iPod hook up in my SC400, so I can escape the 90's and stop using CD's, but I really have no idea how to do this. I have some electrical jimmy rigging experience so I'll prob understand a bit of any technical lingo. I was wondering if anyone has done...
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    How do you change subwoofer on SC400

    Like the title said how do you change the sub woofer in the SC400? How do you get the cover off the sub? I also might like to hook up a new amp, but not really sure how to do that, I have somewhat of an idea, can anyone help out with that? I have a 600 Watt Rockford amp, and 2 12in rockford...
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    Tire Recommendations

    Like the title said, I need some help choosing a good set of tires for my SC400. Maybe just give a quick review of what you've got or something. I'm looking for something in the price range of prob below $120 and would fit 225/55/16. My tires are pretty much toast and I'm starting to look around...
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    SC400 front fender

    What year's are interchangeable as far as a driver side front fender for an SC400 goes? I think that they are the same from 92-94 but I'm not sure. Are they interchangeable to a later year? I am asking b/c I need to replace the fender on my 92 SC400. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    WTB: 92' SC400 Driver side quarter panel

    I need a gold quarter panel for a 92 SC400.
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    SC400 in Cleveland

    I am selling my 1992 SC400 in Cleveland, Ohio. It has 110K on it right now, runs unbelievably great, VERY clean engine bay, and interior. The exterior has some scratches on the bumpers and fenders (I can take some pics and send them if need be) pretty average wear and tear for a 15 yr. old car...
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    Debating Turbocharging?

    I recently drove my friends Acura Integra that was turboed I I think that I may have got bitten by the bug. I loved it. I am now itching to do this to my sc400. My buddy put his on himself, and I'd like to think that I am a little more mechanically inclined than he is, so I would like to know...