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    the fight

    hey! I've started a new build thread because the other one sucked. I started this project in about 2005-6 can't remember. It began with a pretty torn up 1972 te27 corolla. When I got the car it came as pictured, 13"rims, 2tg, roll cage, lowered, gutted. The price was great so I accepted what...
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    quiet performance mufflers?

    alright guys here it goes i want performance but i cannot deal with loud exhaust systems i will indeed sacrifice power for sound my car is going to attract enough attention as is and i want sound to be the LAST thing that is checked on my car. Please let me know if you know of anything 2.5 inch...
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    individual throttle bodies

    has anyone tried mating the individual throttle bodies available on the 20v 4age with the 1uzfe? I need to learn more about this. Please let me know if you've done it.. or perhaps point me in the right direction thanks!
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    gs300 maf=ls400 maf?

    this thread is asking the question as to whether or not the MAF of the sc400 and ls400 will be the same as the sc300.. i looked at an ebay link and it said that the sensor is the same but the housing is a different size is this correct? will this work? please help
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    guys i need some pics

    alright guys this is gonna seem like a retarded question but i need to know if there are some pics of this engine out there with the alternator... here's the thing.. when i got my engine it came without too many things.. the alternator being one of them.. i have a few different toyota parts...
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    engine harness

    i need an engine harness it has to be off an ls400 engine The harness I need has 3 plugs.. it cant be broken cut etc etc.. i need a complete harness.. let me know what you have and what you want for it also where you're located thanks later i'm in desparate need.. PLEASE do not gauge me
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    what wiring harness do i have? HEEEELLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!

    okay here's the deal my ls400 harness is cut i bought it like that i have another harness it only has 2 plugs one is a 26 pin plug.. the other is a 16 pin plug what do i do? i've taken off the complete harness on my engine and can put the other harness on my engine... unfortunately my ecu has 4...
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    who has exhaust flanges?

    i'm lookin around for a pair of exhaust manifold flanges i need the ones with the pattern off the head i'm thinking about putting together an exhaust manifold and i will need these let me know thanks later!
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    wiring harness problem

    I have an engine from an ls400 the harness goes into the right side of the car.. this harness is on my engine and is cut. I have an sc400 harness.. I thought it would work for me.. i was going to take the whole ls400 harness off the engine and put the sc400 one on... problem number one.. the...
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!for those of you not using the stock fuel pump...

    i'm putting this question out to all of you people not using the stock fuel pump i've basically got the engine in my car (ya i'm doing a swap with a 1uz) and i'm wondering what kind of pump to use. My car originally came with carbs.. so i'll be needing a fuel pump. will i be able to run...
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    i need a mount!?!

    hey all i need one of those rubber mounts .. i believe they're liquid filled? one of the ones on the engine i bought is busted.. and i'll need it to test fit my engine let me know what you've got i'de hoped for somethign locally.. but let me know what you have thanks! later!
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    aluminum brake calipers

    did any lexus with a v8 come with aluminum calipers? I went to a scrapyard today thinking that the sc300 had aluminum calipers but was displeased to find that they were made of steel just like the ones i have.. while i hope to use these calipers (if i buy them) they may be too heavy for my...
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    rear gear drive ratios?

    alright here it goes i'm building something i'm using a 4 runner housing and have 2 choices for my rear gears.. i have no idea what the 4 runner gears are but the mk3 supra gears have a 3.93 ratio oh.. i'm putting a mk3 supra turbo lsd into the 4 runner housing and also supra rear disks and...
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    wtb oem 1uz bell housing

    hey there people as the title states.. i need a 1uz bellhousing let me know what you have it's going to a very good cause.. more on that once it's underway the bell housing will be the oem bell housing that mounts to the 1uz to the automatic transmission to the ls400.. i imagine any bell that...
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    anyone have an ls400 afm kickin around?

    werd fellas! anyone have an ls400 afm kickin around? or even know whether or not something from a v6 4 runner would be the same? i've seen tonnes of v6 4 runners at the yards but no ls400s or even sc400's anyway.. waht does one of these things go for anyway?
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    stock fuel pump

    hey guys and gals need to know something i was looking to use the stock in tank fuel pump for my nutty little swap so far i will be using a stock 1uz with a front mounted sump, a stock 1uz computer from a 91 ls400, a supra r154 tranny, prolly a dellows tranny to 1uz kit and then a bunch of...
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    manual transmission adapter for the r154 to 1uz conversion

    hello.. yes i know.. lots of threads about this drivetrain stuff.. mating an r154 to a 1uz.. so far i know there is a bellhousing kit available by various company's out there is there a such thing as an adapter plate that bolts to the exhisting supra turbo r154 bellhousing that mates that...
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    how to identify transmission

    hello again peoples! just wondering something i was cleaning what i believe to be my r154 transmission the other day and then it dawned on me that i didnt see an r154 stamped anywhere on the transmission.. mind you i didnt see anythign stamped anywhere on the tranny but i was just wondering...
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    1uz + r154 tranny + stock ecu.. questions

    alright, So soon i'll hopefully be doing my swap. I will be using a 1uz most likely out of a celsoir from overseas, an mk3 r154 transmission that I have leftover from my mk3 supra I recently sold, and a stock lexus ls400 computer. I'm told, and have read that I may come into problems with the...
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    using the stock computer and harness.. HELP!

    alright so here's what i am wondering if i use the stock 1uzfe computer and harness and only change the transmission to manual leaving everythign else stock.. do i need that part of the harness? I am able to get a harness from a local wrecker along with the computer. I was thinking to cut the...