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    W58 plus more.

    I am selling my W58 and 1 piece drive shaft and tranny mount out of my 1990 Supra. There is nothing wrong with it and it currently has Royal Purple in it. If there are any questions please ask. Also it will not have the bell housing on it. I am asking $550 for it all.
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    1990 Supra Fuel Tank and Lines/WALBRO Pump

    NAME:Alan LOCATION:Gulfport, Mississippi EMAIL: [email protected] PAYMENT PREFERENCE: paypal ------------------------------------------------------------------ PRICE:$100 plus shipping(Fuel Tank & Lines) $60 For fuel pump plus shipping ITEM:Stock fuel tank and all lines out of...
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    1990 LS400 Engine wiring Diagram

    I have not been successful in getting a complete engine wiring diagram for my 1990 LS400 engine. I am doing a swap into a 1990 Supra and I am currently fixing some of the wires in the LS400 harness and I am just checking all of the connections and what everything goes to. So if anybody has a...
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    1990 Non Turbo & Lexus 1UZFE Parts

    PRICE: $5-$100 ITEM: 7m N/A and Lexus 1UZFE parts DESCRIPTION: These parts are left over from my 1UZFE conversion ------------------------------------------------------------------ NAME: Alan PHONE NUMBER: via PM upon request EMAIL: [email protected] LOCATION: Point Mugu Ca...
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    SC400 Headers

    I am looking for a set of headers off of a 1990-95 SC400 for my 1UZ conversion.
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    LS400 Motormounts

    I am looking for the LS400 motor mounts just the rubber mounts not the aluminum uppers that bolt to the motor. I would prefer that they are in good shape and not torn.
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    1UZFE Bellhousing

    I am looking for a 1UZFE bell housing from an automatic trans. Please let me know who might have one I need it right away.
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    Show and tell

    I am new here and I am currently in the prosess of installing a 1uz in my supra. I have been to other forums and they usualy have a section were you can show build pics for every body to see. Well I would like to see what ideas every body has, the idea is you show your current pics of your 1UZ's...
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    New to the game

    I just got my 1UZFE for my targa top supra and I have a few questions to further my research. I know I can do a search for these items but I am on a computer in Afghanistan and I don't have that kind of time. If there is any thing else I need to think of that I need to do to my car for this...