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    Autronic sm2 stand alone for sale cheap

    Autronic sm2 stand alone, came with an engine I purchased and I do not need it. Comes with ecu side connectors so you can make your own harness or make an adapter to your factory wiring harness. $600
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    2uz random engine parts for sale

    2uz non vvti motor parts 2uz short block - $200 plus shipping 2uz valve covers - $75 plus shipping 2uz intake manifold - $120 plus shipping 2uz heads with cams - $200 plus shipping
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    Uz motor aftermarket intake manifolds, ONE OF A KIND

    You'll never find another set of intake manifolds like this for the UZ motors. These are 1 of a kind and because of that they are super rare. They are flanged for Q45 throttle bodies. They were $2500 when purchased new, I'm giving them away at $950.
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    Uz motors for cheap

    1uz with harness, 90k miles $450 2uz with harness, 9 thousand miles $650
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    1gzfe Toyota V12 and 2uzfe parts for sale

    1gzfe engine, cost me $5600 to import into the states - $3900 2uzfe vvti, 9k miles, cost me 2k - $900 2uzfe vvti harness and ecu modified by Tweaked performance to mate to a Mk4 Supra chassis - $900 2uzfe custom big hp intake mainfolds, cost me 2k - $900 The 1gz is crated and ready to ship or...
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    Getting rid of my UZ stuff

    I have a stock vvti 2uzfe with 9k miles on it, and upgraded intake manifolds for a UZ motor. I'd like $950 for the engine, $975 for the upgrade manifolds engine was - $3000 turbo intake manifolds were - $2500 Please email me for details, I can deliver the engine within a reasonable...
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    2uz vvti for a 1uz vvti

    My n/a project could use less weight, where as your f/i project could use more rigidity?
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    Who can make a custom ring and pinion?

    If custom cams can be made, and most everyone goes to kelford There has to be an equivalent for a ring and pinion? Can anyone help?
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    WTB: sc300 or sc400 front clip, no engine or trans needed, no accident damage a must

    Let me know if you have one, no accident damage or missing body parts, front suspension parts, steering rack, subframe or anything like that is a must, but I don't need the drivetrain.
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    What is the best/most inexpensive place to buy 6 into 1 merge collectors?

    Does anyone have any leads? I know that burns and spd sell them, but they want 300 or 400+ for them.
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    Who makes a flywheel for the UZ motors?

    Who makes flywheels for the uz motors? What's the ring gear diameter, what's the material and for what pressure plate is it made for?
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    2uz, upgraded intake manifolds, supra/sc/2uz custom ecu harness, for sc/supra chassis

    I have a 2uz vvti engine, with 9k miles on it and upgraded intake manifolds to fit the supra/sc hoodline, as well as an ecu harness built by phoenix tuning for the engine to run on a stock ecu (for simplicities sake) and then to be converted over to a stand alone. engine was - $3500 turbo...
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    Started building my TT manifolds

    Well, I got my exhaust 'legos' in :) Equal length and craziness design number 1 (the abs is going to need to be relocated or something) I have no idea if this is how the final design will be. I may have to put in (4) 1.75" vbands in, so that I can change the spark plugs in a decent amount...
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    WTB: 93-97 SC400 rubber isolators?

    I'm looking for 93 to 97 sc400 rubber isolators on the motor mounts, does anyone have a pair I can buy? This is not the part, but somewhat similar to what I am looking for, to clear up any confusion
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    WTB: 1uz or 2uz flex plate

    I need a flex plate so that I can start up my motor, if anyone has one, please let me know I have a 2005 vvti 2uzfe, but I'm hoping any flex plate for the UZ motor would work to at least get the motor to crank?
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    Engine part interchangeability?

    I just purchased a vvti 2uz motor and it's missing a fair amount of accessories, even down to the crank pulley. How many 1uz items are interchangeable, that I can swap over to this vvti 2uz block? ps - Anyone have any for sale :)
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    WTB: Sc400 rubber isolators (engine mounts)

    I need some that aren't broke, preferably pretty new if possible, let me know, thanks
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    Need help sourcing unique parts to import from Japan?

    I'm looking to import a non standard front clip, something that someone is going to have to actually source and purchase, not something that gets pushed to them by whomever in Japan and they just receive it. Does anyone have any information or contacts for a special request front clip that...
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    6 bolt mains $300

    1uz 6 bolt mains for sale
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    1998 Sc400 auto trans and tq/c $290 bucks

    Works great as far as I could test it (back and forth out of the garage) ... I got it from Gazi, as well as a shell and motor that it was with, so that is how I was able to test it. $290 bucks picked up, Gazi can vouch for the condition, I don't know the mileage as Gazi had removed the...