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    1uz into ford pop

    Yes I still have it, I will never sell it! It's my first attempt at restoring a car and I have put waaay too much time into it (I had to learn how to weld/paint/wire etc. so it has been quite absorbing), plus it will never exactly be finished as there are always things to improve/play with. I...
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    1uz into ford pop

    Welcome! I am not too far from you (Darlington), I put a 1UZ into a TR7 a few years back: However it runs using mega-squirt ecu and manual R154 gearbox with Corsa power steering (hence Corsa key) so not a lot of help to you!
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    1UZ cooling system questions / issues

    I had a similar problem with mine. Before the install I changed the water pump and thermostat but when I ran it the thermostat didn't appear to be opening or the coolant wasn't circulating through the radiator, the fix on mine was to blip the throttle to around 4k which appeared to get...
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    Advice for reduced capacity 1uzfe

    It depends on what "revs" you are expecting/wanting/prepared to pay for/can fit in? I run a bog standard 1uz plus ITB's, semi-decent exhaust manifolds and MS3 ecu in a TR7 and it spins to 7500+ although there is little point much past 7000 as it starts to run out of steam.
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    Have you got one?

    Yes I have a couple.
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    Have you got one?

    I may have one, not too far from you either (Darlington), I will have a look later.
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    1uz Fuel Economy

    TR7 with early 1UZFE on R154 gearbox, 3.08 diff, MS3Pro ECU, ITB's and custom headers/exhaust. Early days yet and being used gently (till I get the handling sorted) but managing 32-34mpg(UK gallons)/8.8-8.3 litres per 100 kms, bearing it mind it weighs it at around 1000Kg, which is considerably...
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    What to service on 3UZ before starting swap?

    The hydraulic pump on the front of yours is for the power steering. If you don't want power steering, or are using electric, you can simply remove it. Then you just need a short crankshaft pulley to alternator belt which simplifies things and tidies the motor up somewhat.
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    Belt and tensioner kit in the UK?

    I bought my timing belt/tensioner/water pump kit from the states, if you use a supplier that includes "Customs services and international tracking" you know the exact cost before ordering and there are no delays through customs. Although the delivery date is often quoted as 3 weeks, I have never...
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    Megasquirt adjustment issues

    Have you tried a resistor across the cam sensor? I was having sync problems and using a 10K resistor fixed the issue.
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    Non Pwr Steering or AC Belt Setup?

    The water pump is driven by the cam belt. On my TR7 conversion I made the alternator mount adjustable and use a short belt around the crank and alternator pulleys, works fine.
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    New to the Lexus V8 Scene

    Welcome. I have nearly completed a 1UZ into TR7, it should be finished around Christmas (the engine/gearbox anyway). You definitely want to try and source a rear sump, it can be done without but it is a LOT more work. Mine came from a Soarer, I bought a complete car, ran it for a week to make...
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    mazda gearbox?

    A lot of extra bits with that one though it is pricey. EBay is where I got mine, but I have had it a year or so now, maybe prices have hardened some? Engine is standard other than the exhaust manifolds, ITB's and ecu, I am hoping bhp to be 325ish at the flywheel .....time will tell!
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    mazda gearbox?

    The R154/W58 are not that rare or expensive, I wanted one for my 1UZ/TR7 project and over the course of the past 18 months must have seen 20+ up for sale, mostly priced in the £500 to £800 range for a R154, and £300 to £450 for the W8. I ended up paying £700 for a R154. The expensive bit is...
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    I'm the 1st to post in the uk section!

    Hi guys, not really new to the forum but just found this! 1UZ powered TR7 here day! Just last week met a guy putting the same in a race SD1 only 4 miles from me so at least 2 of us near Scotch Corner.