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    Water pump part number

    A mate came around today to replace the water pump and timing belt on my 1UZ before I refit it to my Landcruiser project. The problem is the water pump I recieved is slightly different in that it has an extra oval shaped water gallery on the bottom right hand side. The engine is from a UZZ30...
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    75 Cruiser

    Here is my 1985 FJ75 Toyota Landcruiser that I have fitted a 1UZ into.
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    What's goes here?

    I have recently lifted my 1UZ out of an SC400 front cut to test fit in its new home, my Toyota Landcruiser. What I found was something has been removed from the rear of the plenom chamber. My guess is that its a vacuum line for the brakes, but thought I'd confirm with the Lexus guru's. It's the...
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    Lex Parts in OZ

    Hi all, I have recently purchased an SC400 front-cut to perform a conversion on my 75 series Landcruiser. Before I fit the engine I want to replace the timing belt, water pump, and a few seals. What I need to know is where in Australia is the best place to get these parts? Also for those in the...