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    Full Billet 1UZ intake manifold

    Hi guys I'll post up more pics direct later. but in the mean time check them out on here Cheers Ben
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    A little video of my other project GT30 power!

    Hi guys this is a car i've been building for some many years now. Hope you like it This isn't a V8 but it shows the response you can have with a turbo.
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    Full Billet intake!

    Hi guys, I've just done the deal with to make a twin plenum twin tb setup with full billet matching fuel rails. The design and engineering time is about 2 months. Once I have a cad model I'll through it up. Just before you ask, they will be $5500 complete. They are making 5 only...
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    My Head porting development

    Hey guys we just cracked 217cfm on the exhaust side with 2mm os valves and a 95mm bore and 304.5cfm on the intake with 2mm os and 95mm bore. I think these are the highest flowing figures for these valve sizes. Will post up pics once the new 3.5mm os heads are ported. Cheers
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    Hankook Carbon wrx vid from WTAC
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    CNC 1uz heads.

    Hey guys, going to be getting cnc heads done for 1uz, need to know how many of you would want bigger valves in your head if you are doing all of that stuff. I'll start with cnc heands for stock valves then we'll go from there.let me know if any of you guys are interested. Cheers
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    Need two unported heads., Thanks

    Hey guys, i need two unporteed heads, so i can cut up one and try welding up the side of the inlet ports so you can port the heads alot more. I will measure the wall thickness before grinding through to the water jackets. again these heads can be stuffed and un useable all pics of the work will...
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    Need Head!

    Hey Guys , I need a stuffed Head which i can cut up. Anyone in sydney have one or anywhere else in oz. Cheers Ben
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    Time for the T88 soare to have an Engine built!

    Hey guys, just thougth i'd give evryone an update on our Soarer with the T88-38GK stapped to it. We took it to the drags a few weeks ago and one of the head gaskets let go. We are slpping it back together for now with some harder valve springs. The guys at Gas Motorsports are mates of ours...
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    Lextreme cams

    Hey just trying to find out if lextreme stage 2 cams for the 1uz will work with the 33% stiffer valve springs. Also will they work with a 2JZ bucket conversion? Has there been any before and after tests with these cams. Will they also work with the oversized lextreme vlaves, 1.25 and 1.5 mm...
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    What sort of revs can i get out of the stock oil pump setup?

    Hey guys does anyone know the limit of the stock oil pump, with the amount of revs we can take the motor to. I would like to rev the stock motor to 8, but would like to know if the stock pump is as good a a stock 2JZ pump? Cheers
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    How much power will the stock rods and pistons handle?

    Hey guys wanting to get some sort of idea on how hard we should push our early model 1uz motor. We did make 363rwkw before but we would like to make 400-430. GT8 your about the only person in Aus that would have an idea? Also what have you done to your motor, valve springs? head studs? Cheers
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    Pics of a stock 1uz piston?

    Has anyone got some pics of the stock pistons and rods from an early model 1uz? Has anyone also got a pic with just the heads removed? Cheers
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    Can you fit valve springs whilst the heads are on?

    Hi guys,I'm wanting to know if you can fit the lextreme valve springs whilst the heads are still on the car? I just purchased a set, and if they can't be fitted whilst the motor is in, they will be for sale again as its just not worth it for the time to take the heads off. Cheers
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    Can i go a 272deg cam with 11mm of lift?

    Whats the largest cam i can go with a stock heads and pistons. I'm wanting to get a 272deg cam with about 11mm of lift made up. Can that fit straight in on a stock head with some new springs? Thanks
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    Some videos of the T88 soarer on the Dyno.

    Just a quick one, here are some videos of the T88-38gk powered soarer.
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    What power does a stock SC400 make at the wheels?

    Hi Guys just wanting to know what sort of power a stock SC400 makes at the wheels? Cheers Trying to work out how much our single T88 would make on an american dyno . A stock one in Australia makes about 125wrkw.(auto)
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    1900hp out of a 3L on video.

    Heres GAS motorsport making 1900hp our of a 3L 2JZ The link. Cheers Ben
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    T88 soarer running!!

    Hi guys Here is a vid of the car revving to 4K
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    T88 soarer back on track.

    Hi guys, its been a while but the the soarer is back at our workshop to be completed. I've just been working on the fuel system today with the supply side now finished. There are 2x bosch 044 fuel pumps which come out -6 then merge into -8 for the length of the car then they again split back...